Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The JEANS incident: my Kerala adventures-part 1

When I Google’d up Kochi (or Ernakulum as it is fondly called) after my posting location mail appeared before me a number of things came up which I found out later were of no use. But one advice by a senior of mine turned to be true and how.

When I landed in Kochi it was raining as ALWAYS, that’s right.kerala’s rain capital is kochi which is 2nd rainiest place in India. and once every 4 years takes over the crown from cherapunji as the rainiest place in India. it was the 4th year. And it rained cats and dogs day and night.
Rain causes moisture and my clothes would get fungus in 2-3 days if left in open. it were as if god wanted me to hav the taste of life when everything is against you how do u live

I was a trainee with my first firm and people were of all kinds,ranging from pretty good to shrewd to complete I-CAN-BLOW-YOUR-BRAINS-OFF kinds jackasses.and I wasn’t doing what you would call particularly well with my training. it’s simple.


But coder and other geniuses weren’t making it any easier for me. I was sick, sleep deprived and felt completely out of place. We would have to travel some 12-13 km’s to reach a decent market but somehow It was not the most weird part. It was the good old sardaarji who saved my life for 6 month’s(he deserves a special mention so more on that later).
Oh by the way did I mention that food in Kerala is unbearable if u like mild spices and are not fond of coconut oil,that’s right coconut oil.and lets just stick to the good old “IT STINKS”. You don’t want to try that.dont fall for god’s own country crap on that front.pack your food or find me I will give you that sardar ji’s number. Moving on the moisture,food and training thing had made me a little cranky(read PSYCHO if u want to).
So on another rain drenched night when my rommie wanted to go for shopping it was a perfect nightmare in making. We went out nevertheless in rain and trust me when you are out on roads looking for a auto or something to get into while it rains, is absolutely NOT FUNNY or ROMANTIC.
We reached the only decent place to shop in the city, THE MALL that is, found ourselves the cheapest shirt they had,we enquired it was made of plastic, that’s right no cleaning required for 15 straight days. TRIED AND TESTED! Gross u say? Go live in kerala for 6 months and we will talk
My friend wanted a jeans for himself so he went ahead and bought jeans

while I indulged myself with baskin-robbins,and then we went looking for autos for back home.
I was carrying 4 bags and my roomie was carrying 4,#monthlyshoppingroutine’s
So 1 stop for the good old dosa and we were back in our igloos

After some 1 hour or so of catching our breath and un-DRENCHING roomie came back and said
“dude,where is the jeans???”
“Crap.i couldn’t find it.damn you weather.” I said I will pay him back because it was my mistake obviously.tried hard but cudnt remember where I left it amidst all the rush
I was so pissed off for 2-3 days that I wanted to hit that bloody trainer. She was a female so execution was put to rest but it was like universe wanted me to hit someone, somewhere very badly.
I even zeroed in on few people, but diplomacy always comes into play,DAMNIT!

So I went about my pathetic life in kerala normally when 1 day we visited the shop again for that dosa and the shopkeeper told us in his GLAD-I-COULD-SPEAK hindi
“aapka saaman reh gaya tha auto mein us raat ko,auto wala keh raha tha.itni costly jeans khareedte ho?”
At first I thought he was making jokes, but then he took out the bag and their it was safe and sound
I thanked my heavens for that auto guy.never got a chance to meet him again though.

Psst:next time when you leave something in some auto or bus or any public transport,be sure it will be returned to you safe and sound if they can trace you back.god’s own country indeed!

Had so many adventures to pen down in 1 post.will write more about other things


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  1. lolz.... lots of kochi memories....

  2. Kochi!! Gives you best of both worlds!!

  3. @mag...abhi to bahut saara baaki hai...superhuman auto drivers...MUNNAR!..saara likhna hai ;)

    @red sure out for more kerala updates ;)

  4. Just wonder why did I not visit this blog earlier. Honest writing, loved it:)
    It is in fact true that in our country it is rare and such things actually become memory:)
    Wait for some more awesome stories from Kochi
    Just like that...

  5. AUR KYA KYA LIKHOGE !!!!!!!!!

  6. @animesh....thanks for your comments..glad u read :)
    @anonymous...abe itna mehnat kiya comment ke liye,naam bhi likh dete..khair dhanyawaad padhne ke liye

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