Sunday, January 30, 2011

T-H-E gay incident

1 question.....which city in india wud u vote the most liberal of all?
think hard...m sure ppl wud b rootin for dere respective places of origin but i hav a UNIQUE perspective(trust me wen i say dis *WINK*)..
well my answer is BANGALORE hands down(okay before u ppl start yellin...let me elaborate)..
dis city enjoys wat i wud call the FREE(how i wish dere wr a superlative degree of dis word) movement of GAY's around the city.guys can vouch for me now.
oh ya i can hear u.every guy has been,at some point of time or another been VICTIMIZED my GAY's(for d intellectually challenged ppl...gays r ppl who r interested in dere own gender :P).so i m basically talkin about d weird men folks(WEIRD high 5).bangalore even has d yearly parade of ppl supporting the gay cause(wts dere to can some1 be interedted in dere own gender is way beyond my understandin?).
so now the big incident....dis happnd wen i was in some street wid my frend(s) an suddenly dere was dis guy speekin sheepishly(he was actually mumblin somethin).an den i saw ppl runnin an yellin at each other.
wen i got d hold of wat was goin on....actually d other MUMBLE DUDE apprently tried to put his saliva on the other dude(how groase is that?)...n that other DUDE didnt fancy his ROMANTIC act so a lil fight broke out an den i gotta kno how gays luked like...
i took a closer look an made a mental note to myself(IF U EVER SEE THAT DUDE AGAIN.....START RUNNIN IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION)..
an while i was busy makin dis decision in my mind....i saw that guy lukin at me(OH MY GOD.....NO NO NO!)...I M INTERESTED IN GURLS!....GURLS!....wish i cud shout it out..a LOT of females WHO r sick an FRUSTRATED of my frend requests can vouch for that(OOPSY!)....but that guy was so near by an he jus smirked an went off....didnt say nething.(PHEW!)

that was kinda so i realized dey mite b weird to us but who r we to question dere orientation....its not dere fault god made dem like it

PSSST-i wrote a last line jus to b politically correct...
u kno what i mean ;) *wink*


Friday, January 28, 2011

the big fat punjabi wedding an why i cudnt SUIT UP!

recently i got an invitation to attend the marriage/reception(franfly speakin i didnt even hav a look) of a senior of i m not in favour of marriage jus SUCKS(no apologies dere).but dis was a PUNJABI weddin that too DILLI expectation were so for those of u who havent been to ne punjabi weddin or havent read chetan bhagat's 2 states for that matter....punjabi shaadi's r very very LOUD.the focus is mainly on how much can u show off to your peers by doin everythin on a grander scale.the main aim is to proove how much dey can while women folks try to submerge demselves in as much amount of make up dey folks r busy drinkin an shoutin at top of dere voices(no1 cares to lisen so its not important neway).
so back to my story...i got a call from my senior to be ready in half an hour coz we will b late if we cant make it at 8(ya rite...didnt dey mention dey wr followin IST?) dere i was searchin my wardrobe for a SUIT!
yes i was lukin for a suit(i cud almost see barney sayin "SUIT UP!") i dont know why but in weddings suddenly suits hav replaced the kurta's in a very weird way..its lyk only groom is allowed to wear indian rest has to SUIT dere i was d odd 1 out in d weddin hall...

oh an did i mention we wr rite on time at 8.00 an guess wat ......even d ppl who organized d event didnt care to turn up that early...dey wr sure of dere peers punctuality(embarrasin HIGH 5)

so dere we wr almost d only ppl in weddin hall waitors lukin suspiciously at us(d bride's dad actually askd us to make sure we actually came for the wedding).so now we wr settled now the main motive.....WHERE IS D DRINK and CHICKAN...
we started lukin...mattar paneer...palak paneer...blah blah paneer...kashmiri blah blah...(GOD WHERE IS D NON VEG section?)....
an den gulab jamun....what?????...
did i miss something...i searched again...rubbed my eyes...IS DIS REAL DELHI WEDDING????
hav we come to d actual place??...checked everythin tried askin waiter who hesitated to talk to me.(DAMN U SUIT!)...told my senior..."sir sab veg hai aaj"..
now dissapointed we went to the thing which resembled an open bar(atleast in hindi muvis it did) guess wat were dey servin...JALJEERA!....GRRRRRR...
wat d hell...i came all d way for dis...
never mind our seniors decided if the groom's gonna come on tym we r gonna make dis tym work (we did *wink*)....we made SCENE on our den wen barat was usual stuff...BORIN..we even went to congratulate the married couple(YAWN)..
an finally 1st adventure in DILLI to cherish

Thursday, January 27, 2011

why toy story is better than YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA

yaa rite...u think i m gonna compare yamla pagla deewana to toy story??...d former 1 doesnt stand a chance(d no brainer masala muvi watchers r excluded from the list) so let d prises begin ;)
first an foremost yamla pagla deewana attempts to use its star's yesteryear superhits as a bait to lure audience(although i must admit...d sholay thing was kinda funny) den expects u to actually believe sunny paaji s gonna land upw id that hottie in d muvi(r u kiddin me??) toy story jus 1 thing..
it got nominated for academy award for BEST MOVIE...yep along with d best ANIMATED movie nomination which i m pretty sure its gonna bag hands down(50 rs in my wallet says so).so why is dis sucha big deal neway???coz the muvi is ANIMATED for god's sake.ppl dismiss d idea of animated muvis sayin "abe bachhon ki muvi kaun dekhta hai?"
well here comes academy's reply to all dose INTELLECTUAL GROWN UP's
its no kid business wen it comes to animated muvis...coz dey show u d world which u ve neva thot exsited.for example in another of pixar's venture's UP,dere's a dog who can TALK coz he has a collar in his neck which can translate his thots into funny that is??...imagine if ur dog cud talk to u...what u wudnt give for that?such kinda stuff r only possible in animated ventures where u r not limited by actual stars doin dere own voiceovers(read dubbing).here stars can dub for a completely imaginable since evrythin is imaginay dere's no budget constraint.all u hafta do is think and draw.
an to dose of my less enlightened peers...animated muvis cater to the audience of the age group 7-70 alike....dont believe me next tym go to a thatre near u wen some muvi releases an watch kids chuckle an dere adult parents SOB.
thats rite..TOY STORY3 doesn manage to get tears out of u.coz u remember wen u had toys an how u forgot to play wid dem wen u got GROWN UP for dem.
it gets u me its no mean task to get an audience so involved in something that doesnt even exist so dey actually cry.HATS OFF PIXAR.
an by no means its an advertizement for pixar...dreamsworks r equally gud...coz the muvi which made me fall in love was SHREK :) so finally critics hav given dere nod..
an toy story 3 is in race wid d biggies for best movie award...even if it doesnt win atleast its broken the to all ppl who r wonderin wat will happen to YAMLA PAGLA will probably go down in hostory as another muvi wid FULL ON punjabi bite...another of sunny paji's LOUD mouthed version...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

vigilante(rang de basanti act)

ok dis is my first try at bloggin..i ll jus go wid wat i read normally..
so dis is in responce to act by a guy named utsavv sharma... allegedly described by media as "mentally disoriented"
according to me his thinkin is way balanced an gr8 dan many of us LITERATE ppl..
he rose against wat he thot was wrong..
how is it that we read magazines...comic books an praise d guy who breaks d law but keeps d bad guys at bay..(lot of imaginatory superheroes can be cited as examples)...but wen it happens in real life every1 starts questionin his mental ability.i still remember what uproar rang de basanti cozed wen it was released among the ppl.ordinary ppl r jus too much occupied by dere day to day worries to think about nethin other than dere basic needs and dere BARELY 8hours of sleep.
so here s a NORMAL INDIAN CITIZEN on india's 62nd REPUBLIC day wishin that someday ppl will react albeit not in such violent manner but in some way to d corruption or to lazy political beauracracy,amen!



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