Friday, March 25, 2011

the SO-CALLED-SERIALS and average man!

today i read an article in TOI about what women hate about men and the top of the article about how men r engrossed in dere sports things while women want a LOT(if dere rnt flooding already) of reality shows or d drama serials where dey hav those different camera angles and capturing every damn emotions.

it provides a lot of FODDER for FOOD-FOR-THOUGHT.
seriously who r all dese ppl who watch all dis crap???
its so pathetic that u ll pull ur hair out(of course the DUMB ppl who find it interesting OBVIOUSLY wont).....all i ve seen is glimpses of these aptly called DRAMA series wen they r showin trailors of dere dumb series...
its lyk they know that d ppl who ll watch dere serials is so sick and frustrated wid a lot of things in his life that he'd rather watch d nonsense than to argue wid d female folks sitting wid him.......
its more lyk we shud present them wid pros and cons of watching watever crap dey calim is VERY INERESTING to watch
coz its showing how women so heavily dressed and made up can cry..
my mom cud actually feel that tulsi or watever dey call her dese days(Its ALLWAYS the same old story)

dont believe me....try sitting through an episode of these(its too much to ask for but try it once),and u wud observe that apart from capturing d female's emotions from every possible camera angle.NOTHING actually happens.and the main focus is on how much hell women are made to go through(SOB SOB!)imagine dey ve made some 1000 odd episodes of a series(i m surprized dey didnt try putting it for world record of some sort,and while dere s slew of serials flooding tv channels,women folks cant get enuf of dese.its like dey enjoy seeing other female folks cryin or gettin grinded wid system.
and my frends who r in "RELATION"(more on that later)....dey ve made dem wacth dis an now dey actually wait for it to air everyday.(seriously i ve neva understood WHY?)

even our crime detective series which r supposed to b THRILLERS and trp generating are the butt of all d sms jokes(if u havent recieved one of dose....clearly u ve been hibernating)...

now i m a very big fan of series's myself and love to follow dem....but the sensible 1's.check out an episode of CRIMINAL MINDS, an try to compare it wid CID...u ll kno wat i m talkin about

meanwhile the average GUY NEXT DOOR is helpless,he HAS to sir thru the torture or else he risks pickin up a fight wid d catering dept of their respective homes(read females)

and for those who r looking for solutions,develop a habit of sleeping wid running TV...
its tried and tested :)

and last thing OFF THE RECORD....those pathetic glycerin crap r no match for thriller sports matches(cant wait for 30th) :D


Saturday, March 19, 2011

the eternal question..."AEEE MAN....WHERE ARE YOU FRAM?"

in course of my REALLY long engg life and some time after that in kerala....i ve subjected to the question too many times to even was like a rule in college days, u screw up somehow..(whose fault it is always debatable)....and den follows the question WHAM!..
watever u answer is not important....u gonna get cursed after so many years i ve gotten used to dis question but in the starting of my stay it felt
"why on earth are ppl suddenly so interested in my place of birth anyways??"
not that i m makin a secret out of it or nething...but really.....if u dont hav some xerox or lab record....what has THAT got to do it wid which place u belong to i fail to understand...
and the question keep was a routine in earlier part of my engg....wen i suspected my lecturers were maintainin some sort of chart or periodic table of some sort.....and somehow dis is a very important question...its lyk d moment dey think of some person dey shud kno where he was born...
and i neva really took a liking to dis phenomenon....and i found dis in,at the expense of soundin completely regionlistic.....GOD! that even a term?, TAMIL NADU AND KARNATAKA T-H-E most....

i even thot of some explanations for that.....well the best wud b d place where u come from somehow reflects ur character but seriously how is comin late to a particular class related to my place of birth is completely beyond me

and in my due course of enggineering...not only my college lecturers made it a point to ask me a zillion times....but the
whole city suffers from the WHERE R U FRAM bug...
be it auto drivers....railway staff.....shopkeepers....bus conductors....GOD! it s jus irritating at times...
once a guy at the theatre askd me where i was from???.....imagine....and i was like NOW WHAT???
an being askd this question means u hav screwd up somewhere and r about to b cursed for its up to u to answer the question and in the mean tym figure out what is it that u had done wrong and rectify that...

i once showed my middle finger to a teacher of mine(of course behind his back) while he was ridin his bike....he saw it in d mirror....came back and the same "AE MAN WHERE R U FRAM?"

now cmmon after 4 years again that question????

it gets sicker and the point that u ll get frustrated wid the question.....and now in gurgaon if some1 asks me dis question i start laughing and dey dont know why

guess i ll neva be able to tell dem why its funny to me,although the frequency of INTERROGATION is very less compared to the tough times i had in my colg(my middle finger to all u so called LECTURERS....)

an so the question keeps popping the most unexpected times....



Sunday, March 13, 2011

what's d point of POST MATCH ANNALYSIS?

i m writtin thos incident on d day wen india's fav tympass(read cricket) hasnt returned nething good for the ppl who wasted enture saturday cheerin up for the team....for more details watch ne news channel where dey ll b performing the POST MORTEM for the match(i mean whts d point of makin expert comment once d match is over)....i mean it nothin nu to the ppl who like seeing matches.and it goen without sayin that wenever india is playin and its d mighty WORLD cup...the delivery boyz(read pizza's,restaurants and etc) ppl r d busiest takin orders and tryin to make ends meet...dese news channel ppl catch those OLD cricketers who,in 9 out of 10 times, havent done ne gud for demselves in the matches come an wud belt comments about how a certain player shud his batting position is not right or some crap...

no seriously and god forbid if india loose....dey hav dere own set of lessons to give to both captain and 2-3 players(of course every match has certain ESCAPEGOATS) dey ll go on wid dere crap for hours and most of it wont make a sense...
i mean really dere r some 20-30 news channel and every 1 of dem has some cricketer which dey claim had a glorious past(which is always debatable) if u watc closely main focus is on extractin what exactly captain cud hav done at a certain tym or had taken d decision der way(ya rite...players hav all d tym in d world to lisen to all d crap u belt out)..
an if the players dont lisen to dese preachers.....i hav a question...

i mean seriously....even if nikhil chopra or saba karim or some other C-GRADE r sayin that dhoni had done things differently
i m sure if u happen to visit ne TEA shop(i keep poppin dis up coz i ve my most memorable of times at tea shops ACCROSS india).....u will find more detailed discussion about d match or more stats dan u can possibly find(a lil exxageration can b overlooked here)....
n lets face matter how much dese post match annalysis calim to know about the matches....WE SAW IT we know it already...
and i simply dont understand who watches these programs an what good comes out of it

P.S.-dis in no way suggests that i m wid dhoni about the match he lost today(i m equally furious....BAD decision)...but i m sure next sat or sunday every1 will b back to there tv screens for the PRE MATCH ANNALYSIS....THE MATCH....and of course the BIGGIE...POST MATCH ANNALYSIS....


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Daastaan-e-Dilli....chandani chowk..parathe wali gali...etc

recently i got a chance to go to chandani chowk which is easily accessible thanks to metro these days...had heard an seen so much about the legendary place courtesy a lot of dere i was standing out of the metro station an den a REALLY long walk down the streets which were heavily crowded to say the least....even in a car obsessed city like delhi(its Pronounced DILLI and NOT delly...STUPID ppl) ppl didnt bring cars to the streets....jus rickshaws and a LOT n LOT of ppl and shops on every side corner and every imaginable angle and ppl sittin outside shops pormising u d best returns if only u walk in dere shops(one of shopkeepers actually tried selling me saaree....i tried to defend but he wont listen)...its like u r walkin in some street where dere s space only for 2 ppl in opposite direction to i cudnt keep myself from smiling...i was grinnin all d way coz dese were streets walked by lot of great its all chaos...ppl yelling at each other.....shopkeepers competing on who can shout how much about dere product an roadside vendors sellin all sorts of chaats an spicy dishes(trust me no matter how much ppl other place in whole country can match the flavour u can hav dere)....its like u can smell spices while FIGHTING UR WAY towards chandani chowk.

so we askd a rickshaw puller about the whereabouts of T-H-E "PARATHE WALI GALI".....thats actually exists...even i thot it was a urban legend kind of a joke(refer urban legend in dictionary AKALMAND).....he said in his relax tone "seedhe chalo jao sir aur gurdware se turn maar dena"

and turn we took into an even more small(dis time u can barely walk...) in to hoard of shops claiming to b dere from as old as 5 generations and ppl standin in queue's jus to hav a dey didnt hav any secret ingredient or reciepe....its all out in d open...dey dont even shout dere names or watever...ppl r dyin to get a place to wen i got menu...i started was like a real feast...i mean really.....cashew,papad,malai,daal,nuts....i mean think of an edible an its stuffed in a paratha and its was like wat restaurants do wid dosas down paratha's were d its been goin on from gaes so our ancestors hav already given dere thumbs it tastes HEAVEN....SERIOUSLY!...i m a big foodie and my phisique will vouch for that so take me word...
its jus out of dis world....i ate lyk a PIG...
4 parathas an i was literally FULL..but den dey were servin LASSI lassi it was an finally i had d best meal in ages(i felt the same wen i finished eating for the first tym in bobby da dhaba,bangalore...more on that later)

it was d same feeling that roshan(abhishek bachhan) described in delhi-6......."sab kuch kitna alag aur fir bhi ek balance"

an finaly after the neal i walked to the red fort an tasted a slice of history for myself(dreamed of being dere ever since saw narsimha rao make speech from dere)

i remember i askd my dad "papa which place is dis??"

"its red fort...every 15th august countrie's P M makes a speech from dere.its a show of our strength to the whole world"..

next in ,ine....jama mazjid and KAREEM's(i ve heard dey serve the BEST kabab's in the country)

finally a day well spent and a dream come true :)

an so i felt the dialogue in delhi 6 again "kaun jaye zaunk.....par DILLI ki galiyaan CHORR ke"




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