Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Hate.....

I was reading some random blog of some guy on twitter.he listed a lot things he hated.i thought to myself let me compile my list of things I hate .once again its not my original idea but I am just trying that list myself.its just for fun.

So here goes. I hate:

1. M-O-N-D-A-Y-S

2. People who think being rude to other people is attitude. I feel they have not opened dictionary in their entire life

3. People who use the word attitude too much. I feel like slapping them in the face

4. People talking during movies or while I am doing something. 1 thing at a time please

5. People touching me. They need to understand the difference between conversation and intimacy

6. People who shout while talking. I am NOT deaf.

7. People who keep blowing the trumpet of their personal lives. There is a reason its called PERSONAL life

8. People who don’t like animation movies. Enough said

9. People who don’t reply to text messages and then keep coming up with stupid excuses. You can’t be so much busy. It’s not possible

10. People who say that since they like 1 kind of music they cant stand other kinds. Frankly you can’t appreciate music.

11. Those who ask, “Which Company manufactures iPods?” Which century have you been living in?

12. People who keep shoving the Relationship and commitment crap up my face. Diplomacy stops me from taking any extreme steps or else…..

13. People who eat so much and don’t gain weight. Where does all the food go?

14. Cats. All they do is eat, act cute and get ooh and aah from women folks. Garfield is an exception

15.People who think they are funny and keep cracking stupid jokes to prove it.

16. Sentences that start with ‘what man?’

17. Doctors, tablets, pills, hospitals ..well you get the picture.

18. Cutting my hair. I simply don’t get how discipline is connected to the length of hair

19. Social gatherings. Somehow you are expected to be nice to the people who you don’t know.

20. Crying child. I feel like yelling on the mother

21. People who keep using A#@,F#$% and related words in normal conversation.

Can’t think of any more points. Will update as and when I think of more.

What you don’t like?



  1. I hate people who eat so much and never put on weight!!it's so unfair!! Here I eat and it shows:(
    I hate people who give bad words at the slightest chance.. HAte cats and reptiles... :(both are equally yucky..

  2. There could be way too much on the list i guess but 21 is not a bad number either:)

  3. @11th pt alias version is ppl ask me ""how many companies manufacture ipod's ""

    and moreover i hate those ppl who make there decision on racism and castism...

  4. @3rd point u know as in roadies/raghu does this attitude talks so many million times ...slapping oh no i feel like killing that beep-o-bald idiot.

  5. Awesome! 11th and 8th are so cool! :D

  6. @maithili ...oh i agree wid u on so many levels ;)
    @perception....wanted to write some more but nothing came to mind so..
    @wishmaster...agree completly racism sucks
    @2koses...thats their way of getting trp's by shoving certain image.i ll say they are doing their job perfectly
    @malayka...thanks jee

  7. i hate all of the above.. i also hate when people describe theit IT work profile.. Its obvious that they do nothing but try to explain it to be as complicated as possible so that people oohh ahh at it :P

  8. Cutting my hair. I simply don’t get how discipline is connected to the length of hair.


    i too have a blogpost about this...:D

  9. well I am not in favour of 9th and 13th coz I have got such a great network at home that I receive messages by as much as 2 days late and about 13th - I can't hate myself, I am one such guy,sob

  10. @suma...well either u do great work or u keep telling ppl that u do it.lie told several times becomes truth
    @red handed...hehehhehehe..well all guys have same problems :)
    @vijay...well lets jus say to each their own..thanks for reading
    @blogman...thanks :)

  11. Well, there were a few points which were absolutely genuine, and I could so well relate to them as I also hate them. A nice post, a lil rude but that's ok, its your take :)

    1. well its HATE list, it has to be rude no? thanks for reading anyhow

  12. LOL! You are funny and yes I agree with your point about people yapping on and on during movies! Wish I could kick their butts! :P

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