Saturday, May 7, 2011

How do you know you are in Gurgaon?

Its been some 4-5 months since I am in Gurgaon and like every city this city has some unique identifications/characteristics. And no its not a tourist attraction. Its for the people which makes it different from some other city in the how do you know its Gurgaon?
You know it Gurgaon when/if:

1. C-A-R is a four letter word

2. You think dog-walking is actually a profession

3. Your like your drinking water as ‘Cooled and Bottled’ and pity those who have to drink tap water.

4. You prefer malls to buy anything, even your monthly vegetables

5. You don’t even bat your eyelid when demanded 18000 for a 2 BHK + Electricity+ Water + blah blah and think its ok

6. Sector and border are pronounced correctly as sectorrrrrrrrr and bardarrrrrrrr respectively.

7. The criterion for classification into BPL (Below Poverty Line) is, if you don’t own a car.

8. There is no concept of is used as a car parking because footpath is a wastage of space. You cant believe some one will walk on the road

9. You have no clue about high temperature in the city since you have a/c home, office, car and for that matter any place you go

10. You know that Google maps are a better option for directions than asking people on one seems to know anything until sector number is mentioned

11. You don’t frown when asked “WHERE ARE YOU FROM?” because you are sure the other person might be from your place one is actually from here.

12. Living in some specific sectors helps boosts your status and if you live anywhere else, be it even a penthouse, it just wont match

13. You are wondering why there are so many car-repairing shops on roadsides.

14. Liquor shops and malls are easier to find than hospitals.

15. People frown if you mention that you still use prepaid connection. They cant think why on earth would some one do that to themselves

16. On being given a debit card after a meal, the waiter blatantly says “sir we don’t take debit cards”

17. Liquor is available 24*7 officially and unofficially. And everybody knows it or you can cross the BARDARRRRRR and go to DILLI to get it

18. There is a 89.6% chance that the person driving that BIIIIIG car hasn’t heard of ‘Carpooling’.

19. You know the difference of taste between Chicken tikka and tandoori Chicken

20. 500 is the least denomination of notes that’s available in any atm and no one seems to have the “Change”

want to know more about gurgaon read here

So next time you happen to visit Gurgaon, watch out for these things.have u noticed anything share



  1. Let me give you a new heading for this blog...

    "how do you know you are in Gurgaon / Mumbai / Bangalore"

  2. pretty much the story in every metro these days... But Gurgaon summed up hilariously :)

  3. First of all,thank you for visiting my blog,and leaving such a great comment.I am happy you liked it,I just can't think of writing anything to which I am not personally connected to. Its a pleasure to be here..reading your posts,will come back for sure.

  4. dude its story of gurgaon...mumbai/blore is different...will write about blore too in some days...thanks for reading anyways :)
    @maithilli...yep..kind of....well i tried :)
    @alpana....thanks a lot :)

  5. he he .. very funny...but sectorrrrrrrrr and bardarrrrrrrr is not restricted only to Gurgaon..

  6. @jerry...thanks for reading :) well never heard of those repeating RRRRR outside haryana...will keep my ears open ;)

  7. Nice post! Loved the point about sectorrrr and bardarrrrr ! :)

  8. @abhi...luks lyk u ve had ur share of the words? thanks for reading

  9. Used to cross gudgaon on road trips between Jaipur and Delhi. Was a really sleepy little place.(ages ago). Not so anymore.... obviously. :)

  10. @suchismita...yep u have to see the city now.every one has LOT of money

  11. When I came here the electrician asked for 500 for changing a bulb...he said,Yahan gurgaon mein per rakhne ke paise lagte hai.

  12. Is gurgaon a cool place to live in?




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