Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to shop for a LADY’s BAG? - A firsthand description!

I am not going to teach you how to because it’s still a mystery to me. But thank heavens I was not at the receiving end of all the BAG BACHAN. I needed to buy some deodorant for myself and so when to some up market store where they have all sort of ladies selling perfumes. And till date I have no clue why ladies selling men’s deo helps improve sales in any way!
Moving on I found a poor looking guy behind the desk, looked as if he was juggling too many things.

Before I could ask him, a female voice appeared from behind
“Bhaiya is there any1 on this counter? How much for this bag?” There were two of them
That guy’s face was HORRFIED to say the least, I was about to know why
“Oh, no one is here. My god!” shopkeeper looked at me helplessly, I gave my consent
“Attend to them please” (don’t know who coined the stupid “ladies first” term. gets to me every time)
And then I noticed, they were looking for handbags, and there were hundreds of them.big, small, REALLY BIG, really small, two-fold, one-fold blah blah blah blah
Frankly speaking I got lost with the number(s)

In the mean time the guy came back with the price of the bag
“this 1 luks nice isn’t it” the gurls had forgotten about the earlier bag altogether and this was a completely new piece, poor guy!
All this while I was noticing that those gurls had scanned the whole shop and I was surprised to see how they could differentiate between the bags. It was all very confusing to me. Thank god they didn’t ask me for an opinion. I mean how does the number of chains it has or the number of folds any criteria of how good it is?
Which reminds me, not once did the ladies ask about the quality of the leather or whatever the bags were made of, not that the guy was any less frustrated by the rest of the questions
The helping female has found a piece in the heap
“How does this look?”
“Good but isn’t it a little big” HULLO. Aren’t you looking for a spacious bag?
It was like what property went in favor of 1 could go entirely as a deal breaker for the other.1 had more chains, other had less,1 had more space with more chains other had less chains more space

“Don’t you have this design in these chain kinds?”
I was unable to understand how they could not have made whatever kind they are looking for. There were almost THOUSAND’s of bags. It’s not possible (GOD!)
The shopkeeper guy was full frustrated with the proceedings till now and he had to ask the question
“What is that you want exactly?” I can truly understand what the poor soul would be going through

And the golden rule while buying anything the women folks follow is ‘the shopkeeper shouldn’t get a whiff of what exactly you want. Keep him guessing and tire him the most so in the end he will happily give you the rebate so you would let him be in peace’
“We will know when we see it!” expression-less face, still scanning the place like TERMINATOR. I am sure she was having a really good time at the poor guy’s expense
Shopkeeper’s face looked like he was about to cry because the problem with the above sentence is that it doesn’t come with a time LIMIT
And I was thanking my good lord I am not married
in the mean time there was another female who came and found some bag which she claimed that some other shop were selling at 20 bucks less
This was enough for the guy to go completely BALLIS-TIC

“Why don’t go to that shop and buy it. Why bother wasting so much time if u know we will sell it a higher prices” women’s face was clueless and she was taken aback
I won’t blame the shopkeeper
‘Poor woman’ I thought to myself.
The ladies finally found a bag for themselves after some half an hour of BARBARIC mind boggling.the shop guy would have thanked his lords
my deodorant took 5 mins to DECIDE+SWIPE+PACK (men ROCK!) thanks to the free time I had because of the nomadic shopping by those females
The shopkeeper would have done some good deed in his previous life I supposed was expecting the session to last a few hours at least
I learned a lesson that day. ‘don’t ever respond when asked opinion for when women folks are shopping.its no use’
Psst- I also noticed a guy(HUSBAND) standing near the counter waiting for his turn after he shouted
“bill karwa lun ?”
“karwa lo…kuch aur pasand aayega to batati hun?” and she went back FOR-THE-HUNT



  1. Hahahaha! xD
    This is really funny. And soo true. Even my mother's bag weighs 50 kg- I might as well have a sibling! [She even cares for it like one!]
    And this is soo cool bhaiya! Poor shopkeeper. And poorer the guy who wasn't at the counter- He's supposed to deal with that every friggin' day!
    Btw, ever thought what's inside it? I once scanned mom's purse-It's a whole almirah put in one.

  2. hehehheheeh...totally...that gy was so creeped out i cant tell you ;)
    pitty these guys selling things to women!

  3. Good one..!!! was funny.. but true...

  4. @suma thanks for reading...well what do u know...1st hand decsription HAD to be true :P

  5. y did u srtch it dis big......would hav been better if short...nice..nyways B)
    was wondering if u knw me bhaiya.......me peet :P

  6. This is Bad very very Baaaaaaaad *self assessment time*


  7. Bloody cool uncle ..
    And well *ahem* actually true huh ..
    Be it anything .. we girls take hours to choose .. :P
    and ya we do carry the whole almirah in our bags .. You never know huh .. when you'll need what .. We are just cautious and am not ashamed of it :D
    But thanks for the warning .. Now I won't make a mistake to go shopping with a guy *Poor he*.. ;)

    PS.Loved it .. \m/

  8. @peet...thanks for reading and insights...will try and keep it short next tym
    @red handed...well what can i say...WOMEN!(*even bigger*sigh!)
    @aunty...thanks for reading...good to know i could put it accurately :)

  9. LOL...I empathise but hey, buying a bag is like buying a car, you need to reaallly check every design before finding THE ONE.

    I know it doesn't help but God created women and God works in musteriius ways hehe

  10. Shit, I mean mysterious. ARGH..

  11. @darsh...i can truly understand, it was a life changing moment for me

  12. oh god! how come i didn't read this one before!
    this was hilarious - 'to read'

    now let me go n read the slipper wala post :)




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