Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This 1's for you master

Finally the day or shud I say nite arrived wen the master himself got hold of the T-H-E world cup…and I m so happie for him.yes im also happie coz my country won dat but most of all I m happie for the man who has all the d record a batsman can drea of under his belt and now he has the final missing jewel in his crown to flaunt.

U had to see him dancing in the field after that huge 6 off last ball which was first OFFICIAL helicopter shot in d world cup after so much persuation by the pepsi ppl(too bad murlidharan cudnt get a foto finish to his final appearance)

But most of all the man got what he deserved…finally and how…in his home country in front of his home crowd.he will surely not b around wen india plays dere next world DOWN UNDER(how I wish to god he plays!),but deep down inside we know he wont.he is gonn ahang his boots netym in dis year or next year at max.and indian cricket will b left wid d biggest question which its neva thought of answering in their wildest dream

After Tendulkar….WHO?

Wen I was growing up I wud invariably switch off my tv wen he wasn’t playin.and for some 21 years we hav been seeing the man batting and breaking 1 record after another.he gave us Indians wat we r so deprived of..HOPE!

Ppl wud identify his victories as dere own.his fan base is across india and all oer cricketing nations.not a single scam or a bad publicity news for 21 years.

Indians always saw dere better self in him.how dey wished dat he s the reflection of wat we never cud b.and every time he comes to bat,about a billion eyes r always trailing him askin him to deliver and he never complaint.

So I m scared,very scared to even think of the day wen dere wudnt b a guy who can keep d hopes afloat.ppl somehow feel “SACHIN HAI NAA!...JEET JAYENGE”
Try arguing wid that ;)

I m not goin on the contender list or d date of his retirement but jus a thot that it’s nearing and some1 has a big,big and I mean REALLY BIG responsibility to take,the responsibility to give smile to 100 million faces across state,religion, caste,place.

Jus paryin india finds its successor soon.

THIS 1’s FOR YOU mr. TENDULKAR…don’t let the feeling sink in


  1. Nice post! I like. I like. (:

  2. hehehehhehhe...thanks for reading :) :)

  3. nice one! you seem to be a a tendulkar fan! :D you might like this post :)

  4. na not that bigger fan...jus seemed like a foto finish to the world cup so kinda wrote in emotion :)

  5. Nice one.. always want HIM to do good and cricket wont be same without him..




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