Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 films you shouldn’t have missed

I generally avoid passing judgment of a piece of art because good or bad, it was a vision which couldn’t take the desired shape. Also, I have nothing to write. If you like watching movies and follow salmaan khan religiously, there is a (mamta banerjee dislikes cartoon) % of chance that you have missed these movies. These are only some of the movies which deserve to be in the hall of fame but for some reasons, bodyguard being one, aren’t. Anyhow, read on:

1. Being Cyrus: a debutant director teams up with a brilliant cast to make a commercial-crossover movie about a edge of your seat homicide plan. The story is narrated through the eyes of cyrus and how he discovers about the plan he is played into. The reason I am recommending this is because it has nasiruddin shah and boman irani playing their supporting actor part par excellence. Not your average hero-beats-everyone-to-pulp story, the ending is sure to blow your mind
2. Jaane bhi do yaaron: kundan shah directed venture is an epic movie just because of the sheer amount of run and re-run on television. And if you had doordarshan in your homes while growing up, you will recognize bits and pieces of this movie. The story basically of a corrupt builder played brilliantly by Pankaj kapoor and his plans to cover up a faulty bridge construction in a fight with a newspaper editor(his ex-flame) and two amateur-ish pro photographers caught in between. If your stomach isnt aching from laughter in mahabharat meets ramayan meets mughalai drama scene, you need to get yourself checked

3. Kabhi haan kabhi naa: you might have your own reasons for not liking shah rukh khan (not counting dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge in the discussion), he has done 2 movies (this and swades) which kind of balance it all. Kabhi haan kabhi naa is the story of a loser goan boy sunil who falls for aana played to perfection by suchitra Krishnamurthy.it also stars deepak tijori in a weirdly likable role but you are secretly rooting for aana and sunil to walk in oblivion. It’s not every day that you find yourself rooting for a looser guy to take the girl. Find it on a dvd or catch it on tv. One of few films in which shah rukh actually tried to act. watch it for sunil, who tries to make it all work. more like talking barfi

4. Paanch: for those of you who like Anurag kashyap brand of cinema and were blown away by Shaitan(2011) (yes, the 'khoya khoya chand' one), THIS IS WHERE IT ALL BEGAN.also, if you don’t agree with my opinion of shaitan, well BOO-HOO. The biggest tragedy of this movie: - it never got released. Nonetheless, find it on ‘you-know-where’ or come find me, I have a good enough print. I am not going in details about the movie except it is first movie of Mr kashyap. Turns out, he made movies even before DevD Gangs of wasseypur, which were equally awesome.

5. Gunda:  now this one is the best of the lot, ‘cult’ if you might say. This is one of those movies where you don’t need to, i repeat; DON’T need to use your brains. It has mithun (HAAAINNN) and some 30-40 bad guys where mithun da plays a railway coolie AND, hold your breath, a trolley supervisor at the airport. And it’s just the beginning of facts you don’t have to dwell upon. Villains talk in poetic language while threatening each other. This film recently bagged the golden kela award for being what it is, EPIC! watch out for all the dialogues between bad guys. not everyday there comes a movie whose dialogues get printed on T shirts (IIT-Roorkee), becomes a case study in b-School(IIM-A) or becomes part of daily lingo(IIT-Kanpur). check out reviews here 

Although i said only 5, but do try Rocket singh, if you havent. Because it deserves it, thats why.

feel free to suggest similar movies in comments section \m/oO\m/



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