Saturday, April 9, 2011

What dreams are made of(in conversation with mr bapu Gandhi himself) –Part II

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people”- abraham lincoln

So dis tym it happened again.didnt know when I slept but now bapu was sitting on my bed when I woke up.

Now from last time
What dreams r MADE of?(in conversation wid mr BAPU GANDHI himself)
I knew for sure it was a dream so I was kind of relaxed(read less freaked out) this time

He started.

Mr G- dude u sleeping??...didnt go to jantar mantar?

Me- ya bapu its weekend.we only get 2 days in a week

G- and how about the person who hasn’t slept for 4 days and night so u could hav a better governing body……

M-i kno bapu,I read about it.i planed to go yesterday,day before that but every time something came up

G-how lame is that.someone is ready to put his line on line for our country and you cudnt care less.i am disappointed son.very bad

M-but bapu cant I support him from here?is it neccecary to go there and hog the limelight by shouting slogans?(the patriotic sense creeping in me now…I was fully awake now)remember when bhagat singh was fighting for his cause in jail,not every1 could be with him

G-yes I rermeber,he was jus 23 then and went without food for 146 days.i still feel sorry for I could have done a little more than what I did only if his methods were right

M-ya I know bapu you ppl had ideologies differences but that doesn’t make him any less a freedom fighter.didnt ppl go without food for a day volunteerily to support him

G-yes I remember.i thought that as a bad influence then,but whats your point?

M-my point is I might not have got the time to go to jantar mantar or india gate for some commitment of mine.but to support the cause I gave up 1 time meal in the day(oh yes I have!)

G-really? So what is the govt’s story on that front?

M-they are still stuck wid “THIS IS NOT RIGHT” attitude.but bapu did u see how so many ppl came up for a cause?

G-yaa I am so happy.actually democracy is rightly defined as BY THE PEOPLE.
The govt has to b scared of people.
When they keep testing people’s patience something of this sort happens.

M-yes and considering that bhagat singh’s death anniversary jus passed.isnt it like déjà vu(in case you are wondering,it was 23rd march)

G-yes so happy.he was just 23 and had did so much.wonder how many people can do it these days

M-people will,Mr G,uprising starts from 1 single step….btw hav u seen “RANG DE BSANTI”…

“abet u fir bakwaas kar raha hai need mein??”

M- “time kya ho raha hai?” (I was smiling)

And started getting ready to witness history at jantar mantar ☺ ☺

democracy might not be the best thing but it’s the only option until something better comes up



  1. Welcome to Indiblogger and thanks for sharing your link on forum Madhav. Simple and effective way of spreading massage. Best wishes! :)

  2. A great way to spread a great message. Good one !




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