Saturday, May 11, 2013

Aashiqui and Rockstar

It’s been so long since I updated my blog. Primary reason being was my laptop was in hibernation, and with the meager salary I make, took a really long time before I could afford to write again (FUCK YOU APPLE).

*Having watched either of Ashiqui 2 or Rockstar will help you make sense of the post*

  But the good thing is I am back and I am going to discuss movies, 2 to be more precise. I happened to catch ashiqui in theatres and contrary to my expectations, was blown away with the acting/script/execution/story. Its strange because barring 2-3 movies, I have found all of Mahesh Bhatt’s endeavors a little underwhelming because of their weird 2nd half. Think of a well built dish, perfect in every single aspect but you just can’t put your finger on a single ingredient that is missing, which could have made it legendry. I have that reaction after all the movies.

 But while watching ashiqui, I couldn’t help but compare it with similarly treated, albeit a little underwhelming despite having all ingredients to be a cult and based on a similar plot, Rockstar.

 Remember how you were left unsatisfied after watching rockstar and were left asking for more after credits started rolling.  Apart from the obvious not so good performance by the leading lady, you were sure something was missing. It just didn’t make sense. It was missing soul in spite of  ‘Kun faaya kun’ and it was just not fare. it’s like being first in marathon for 3/4th of the race and  then collapsing just before the finishing line. Jordan dreaming about it, getting everything he ever wanted and then losing it for heer should have made more sense. that pain, anguish, impatience missed something. SADDA HAQ missed an extra beat. I liked the movie, just couldn’t stop myself from thinking how great it could have been.

  But recent big screen experience, apart from being head banging music, made up for every complaint I had about the earlier tragic love story. The continuous battles, raw insult, need to see the greater good even if it causes some loss, was justified in such hard-hitting manner, it makes your heart break to think the movie Rockstar could/should/would have been. Rahul jaikar cannot see his ladylove paying the price for something he couldn’t appreciate, while Jordan can’t see the whole point of all the fame, success when things are burning inside him.

 Both the protagonists were wrong if looked through the world-wisdomly lens but look at them at a minute level and they are the same. They just yearn to be with the person they love and have different (or similar) reactions to everything, which prevents them from it which might seem weird for normal people but makes perfect sense in their own scheme of things.

Have you watched both movies? Found something similar/different? \m/oO\m/


  1. दिल की सच्चाई व्यक्त करती सुन्दर रचना ...

  2. I watched Rockstar and I regret every moment I wasted on it. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
    and after reading this, I am going to ignore Aashiqui too.
    Btw welcome were missed :)

  3. Hi Madhav... Its a profound description of your point of view about these great films...

    I think the climax of Aashiqui 2 made real sense, something where Rockstar failed to make a point... I loved Rockstar, but after watching Aashiqui 2, I realized what was missing in Rockstar.

    The completeness was missing, Aashiqui 2 seemed to me a complete Movie.

    -Amritt R

  4. rockstar had real passion..i know people cannot understand rockstar and jordan. but i know it happens when we run for our dreams and accidentally fall in love with someone then nothing else matters accept that person, ranbir did marvelous job, on song phir se udh chala jordan seems to be intoxicated without consuming alcohol cuz he waz in pain n he loved deeply..i know it doesn't seem normal the kinda love jordan did but there are few ppl in diz world who lov the way jordan did. im one ov them, i feltlyk jordan iz me. n ashiqui was okay..actors did great job but story was just ok! plz no hard feelings.diz iz my oinion :)




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