Saturday, February 12, 2011

my experiment wid TEA in god's OWN country

for my first of many jobs i plan to take up...i was sent to kochi,kerala as a wen i looked it up on internet aal i cud find was it was famous for spices an ppl r realy nice(believe me wen i say dis....dey r) dere is a lot(an i mean lot) of usage of coconut i flied to kochi from my place(courtesy my dad's money) an the first thing that i look for wen i go to any place is TEA(who doesnt apart from d ppl who smoke...its jus that tea makes at no 2 on dere TO DO list )

an so i was greeted by a small shop owner on the airport who sereved tea.
surprisingly his shop was a lil sus starndard considerin it was the airport and kerala boasts of a lot of footfall from out of the country....never the less...i ordered a MASALA TEA ;) an in no time it was ready...i was shocked to say d least(i dont even see a stove anywhere)...oh yes..kerala has its own style of tea makin.
so my first cup of tea in kerala cost me 10 rs on airport(IN UR FACE CAFE COFEE DAY)
now the thin about kochi is that it has d most rainfall in country after cherapunji(for intellectually challenged ppl..its d raniest place in india).....more on my kerala adventure later..

so kerala kas a lil unique ishtyle of makin tea...according to dem...tea is either brown(wen it has milk) or black(wen it doesnt) sugar is STRICTLY optional..(quater a kg per glass of tea)
so u see wen u order a tea..(cheta,RUND tea)...he ll assume u belong to some desert ridden place an u havent seen water in a lil while an serve u boiled tea leaves without the tea leaves...
an it tastes pathetic...i had tried at almost all d joint i cud rescue...i was so frustrated wid tea that i switched to coffee so i dont hav to smell that crap(i SIMPLY hate those MIX n READY coffee)...i wud come down to blore jus to hav tea in that lil shop near my hostel(oh yes watever ur name is....for 3 years...u SAVED my life...thanks a ton)...
for almost 5 months i somehow gulped down d SO CALLED tea...
sometimes havin d free stuff served between trainin sessions helped...but to those who r goin to kerala for d 1st tym....AVOID TEA..

an to all those ppl who long for a decent cup of tea wenever dey get up(rulin put the d mornin concept here.....HIGH 5)......d search for cup of tea continues....way to go :)


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