Friday, December 30, 2011

Umeed Vali Dhoop: Happy New Year

Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems going haywire and the only thing on your mind is to just go to your place and sleep because you cant stand another human contact? More so when it’s the end of a year and everyone around you has plans for the New Years Eve and all you can come up with is ‘may be I have office, not sure’. You are clueless how and when did you sign up for this? And then suddenly you embark upon something that brings back memories. Ok guessing game over, I am frustrated with all the ‘brilliant’ challenges thrown my way these days, Which confirmed the theory which I populated a while ago that ‘if Indian IT companies make IQ test as their entry criteria, they will NEVER require cost cutting’, I am proved right again and again. Coming back to the current scenario I embarked onto the new cola ad, which has been around for years but Prasoon Joshi gave the local touch. And if you are not moved with the ad, YOU NEED HELP (it is almost like saying you didn't cry in the last scene of toy story 3)

Umeed wali dhoop, Sunshine wali aasha

Rone ki wajah kamm hai, Hasne ke bahane jyada

Zidd hai muskurayenge, Khush rehne ka hai waada

Umeed wali dhoop, Sunshine wali aasha

Tum dil se agar poochoge, Woh Khush rehna hi chahe

Jab sachhe mann se maango, Toh khul jaati hai rahein

To khul ke khushi lutao, Ye kya hai aadha aadha

Umeed wali dhoop, Sunshine wali aasha

Also, if you haven’t, do check out the English version of the video which has been around for years

Whatever I choose And I'll sing the blues if I want
I'm free to say whatever I Whatever I like
If it's wrong or right it's alright Always Seems to me
You only see what people want you to see How long's it gonna be
Before we get on the bus And cause no fuss
Get a grip on yourself It do not cost much
Free to be whatever you Whatever you say
If it comes my way it's alright You're free to be wherever you Wherever you please You Can shoot the breeze if you want

If you overlook the stupid commercialization of the cola involved, the facts are truly amazing. Things actually aren’t that bad after all. One of those times when after the end of something you realize all is not wrong, and things will get better. And considering the change in the last digit of calendar is just hours away, I am again hopeful that things will change for good.

Here’s wishing lot of successful dreams, hopes and happiness to all of you in the new years. Keep humming \m/oO\m/

also, What are your new year plans?


  1. Those lines seem magical! I am frm my phone, so if it is a video, I shall check later for sure!
    Dont b sad! Atleast u wud b in office with bunch f people around u. I wud b all alone.
    Happy New Year. May you have a great one.

  2. lovely post.... thanks...
    Happy New Year....

  3. what a beautiful note to end the year :)
    loved the songs
    applause to Coca Cola

  4. Superb....awesome.....truly esoteric. .....

  5. I love the ad.Love the lyrics...!! Happy new year to you!! I hope umeedo vali dhoop continues!!

  6. Coke may make you fat and unhealthy but their ad is a classic.

  7. Yes i loved the ad..:)..happy new year!

  8. I know that feeling :) It's all over and done with, NOW it feels better....

  9. Indian version is much better...
    with better fact's :)

  10. wow I liked this ad- I liked the 'there are more hits for love than fear'- LOVE THAT QUOTE!

    I'm not a coke drinker but I did enjoy the ad- and the premise behind the ad.

    1. neither am i but i was merely pointing out the facts they present. there still is hope!

  11. Hi. Came upon your blog while searching for the lyrics to this ad. The coke ad sure generates a lot of good feelings... but aren't they more like air bubble - flimsy and momentary... designed to cocoon us in a benign state of well being while the companies are left free to plunder? The more I think about it, the more ads like this one... or the vedanta 'creating happiness' campaign feel like sedatives or anesthetics.

    Would like to share my video response to this ad.

    A friend once said "The banality of evil transmutes into the banality of sentimentality. The world remains nothing but a problem to be solved by enthusiasm."
    The words were said in another context, but they seem to apply here too.


    1. boy you do take advertisements seriously. i am just pointing out the facts they present are actually nice if you ignore the BS marketing involved. hoping that things change is always good no? glad you took out time to comment.




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