Tuesday, August 2, 2011

People and weird notions about south India

I am NOT trying to mock anyone or anything but if you feel strongly about your place, religion, language I suggest you STOP reading now.

Having lived in southern part of india for a good 4-5 years and then moving back to DILLI I could observe that people have weird notions about things down south.some of them are genuine and some of them will make you go #WTF altogether but you cant blame the person who has never experienced and has made the opinion. I have tried to list some of them

They don’t understand Hindi so you need to mock their accent when you speak
Everybody in India understands Hindi, they might not be able to speak it with much fluency but they know what you are saying. DO NOT mock the accent when you talk (refer AGNEEPATH or SAAJAN CHALE SASURAL). It’s not funny, not for them at least. Be polite and they will do their best to help you out and NO Delhi talk (spitting abuses after every 3rd word) isn’t the politest of them all
All south Indians are Madrasi’s
Find your Geography teacher and slap him/her from my side. South India has 4 states. That’s F.O.U.R and madras is capital of Tamilnadu, which is now called Chennai. They might be from other states as well. And no Telugu! = Tamil (refer Chak de! India for details)
Bangalore has the best nightlife in the country
Just because Nikhil chinappa (yes the MTV guy) is from Coorg(near Bangalore) doesn’t mean it has nightlife too. Bangalore shuts down at 11:00 in the night. That’s right, 11 sharp. And FYI, the only city in India, which has nightlife, or for that matter any life is MOOM-BAI!
Everyone wears lungi and apply that 3 lined teeka on their forehead
Stop watching STUPID movies. Ok this one’s not your fault, but people actually dress well than their northern counterparts. I can vouch for that or you can go and see for yourselves.
Multiplexes don’t screen Hindi movies
Now this one’s a real myth I had before visiting all the places down south but in my defense, my friend told me this to stop me from going. I was actually relieved to find Hindi movies screened.
Pro tip: Do not bother going for movies on the weekends in which rajnikanth or kamal Hassan movie is being released.dont worry you will know the dates!
Rajnikanth jokes are a good way to connect with people
Ok let me put it this way -> “Do not mess with the people who take their heroes seriously” Don’t, I repeat DO NOT poke fun at rajni SAAR in public places if you don’t want to get yourself killed.
You will have to get used to eating south Indian foods if you go there
It’s NOT a jungle out there. There are many restaurants who serve all the cuisines. Ok cuisine is an overrated word but you can have whatever you have in your place, with a south Indian twist ,of course.
South Indian’s prepare food in coconut oil, which is also applied in hair
Only Kerala among the entire south India is so sentimental about their coconut oil and edible oils ARE different from the one’s which is put in the hair. Rest every where its normal vegetable oil.
9.Thought (this one’s esp. for Kerala):
Kerala has highest literacy rate so you can try your English accent on auto drivers/cabbies
In case you didn’t notice, literacy according to Govt of India is “ability to read and write your name in your mother tongue” so there, do NOT throw English at cabbies. You will end up getting fooled
10. Thought: ISMAIL BHAI actually stays in char minar
Reality: the movie is called "Hyderabad nawab" and your peer’s are making a joke. Go watch the movie. Do NOT miss this 1

Did you have any weird notion before moving down south?
OR did you have any weird notions about north India before moving here?

Do share



  1. bhaiyaaaaaaaaaa...sahi hai..

  2. Shalini ChanjhotraAugust 3, 2011 at 12:03 AM

    I have been living in Bangalore for almost three months now and i also happend to visit Chennai last weekend and since I'm sort of a Delhi girl(half of my family stays there!), all i can say is that, you've summerized the thought process of the north indians towards the south pretty well.And as always its a pleasure to read your work! :)

  3. myths busted...as long as people from north and south do not get to know each other they will keep having prejudices...

  4. hahaha i love this!!!
    seriously i am not a MADRASI, dont make fun of my accent, dont ask me how a mallu like me can talk good hindi, Nikhil Chinnappa is from coorg.

    loved this post...dont mind if i end up writing something about this :D

  5. :D That was Hilarious!! Superb!

    I am going to share this link to my friends!!

  6. Aaah nice!.. sure will make a lot of South Indians comfortable... loved the coconut oil observation.. :) I had not observed that till I reached my teens when I first visited Mangalore and Shimoga where the coconut fever slowly and 'cocoliciously' begins.. :P

  7. Oh Gosh! This was such a wonderful read.. Some of these were what I'd heard from a lot of north Indians.. Now that I give this link to a few am definite they realize the truth.

  8. Good post. Pretty much everything to the T. I dont think u missed (or messed) much :)

  9. @shalini..thanks for reading...living in both places helped in the observation
    @sub...well indians *sigh* thanks for reading
    @red handed man your gk IS strong.will be edited.by all means go ahead and write.thanks for reading
    @spicy...thank you for reading, glad you like it so much
    @sastry...thanks for reading dude.i saw it when i was sent to kerala
    @Ashwini...thanks for reading..i will take that as a compliment,by all means go ahead and do that
    @kishan...thanks for reading and commenting.i tried to write what i observed

  10. I kinda agree 2 wat u say, but u shdnt generalise it nu i feel, cuz not all the south indians r like that, i would second it if ur reffering 2 the place nd not the people :):P

  11. A good post for the uninitiated. Such posts can play a major role in making people understand their country better.

  12. Fortunately for me, like millions of Indians, I am a south Indian born and bred in the north and so am at home at both places -- no misconceptions or myths for me, thanks. But a nice post that busts a lot of media created myths.

  13. Having lived in Blore for 5 years I moved to Gurgaon last year. I know what you are saying..you echo my thoughts. Very true.Night life part is so true...there are many others but cant write ....people get offended.

  14. Pretty interesting, but I don't think the image of south has been helped with movies. We are uncomfortable with anything that does not confirm to our view of the world and hence the criticism of the south by the folks in the north. Mind you South Indians are uncomfortable with the North as much. The funny part is I have seen many folks living in Bangalore who belong to the Hindi heart belt and they still make fun of Bangalore. My point is if you have so much problem you should leave...

  15. i had such fun reading this.

    d only thing that pricked was Blore not having a night life despite having d most # of pubs. its TRUE :(( damn our politicians!!

    there was a nice flow to the whole post :)

  16. CONGRATULATIONS! You've won an Award!!
    check out the link

  17. Good points. I couldn't help laughing while reading this.

  18. LOL!I had a nice time reading this! I loved it!
    I've always wondered why we are termed Madrasis wen we are from a totally different state...why don't people understand that! The lungi n 3 lined teeka is so rare these days unless n until they are old or some function/rites are performed. The coconut oil is quite different for the hair n the food...(can vouch for tht coz I am from Kerala)...Eng with cabbies;loved tht part...sure to be cheated:)
    You've observed well:)

    Came here via Sujatha's blog...

  19. @EJ...refer to the DISCLAIMER..i am NOT mocking anybody.i observed and wrote.thanks for reading anyway
    @G square..thanks for reading
    @zephyr..kinds like you who have seen both SIDES know it already :D
    @alka...that was the most disappointing part for me,the nightlife curb came into effect in the year that i moved in
    @vikram..not sure i got what you are trying to say,if you are happy.THANKS,if not, refer to the DISCLAIMER,thanks for reading anyway
    @sujatha..thanks for reading..and for the award, i am speechless
    @nona..i will take that as a compliment.thanks
    @deepazartz..thanks for reading and appreciating.

  20. Hahaha....this was certainly a good one! And I agree with it all!

  21. Hah! Aakar Patel should read this!!

    Mast likha hai! :-D

  22. Supercool. Specially agree with point no. 7...Most of the food here is with a south-indian twist :) the currypatta being the normal culprit I guess.

    pt. no. 3: Night life...what nightlife? When I moved to Bangalore 4 years back govt. had put a ban on dancing in places selling liquor so there were no discos around!!

    Your blog is very entertaining and addictive...Good to see someone takes their writing seriously.




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