Wednesday, February 2, 2011

wt dreams r MADE of????(in conversation wid mr BAPU GANDHI himself)

dis happnd on last sunday nite or monday nite (or between the nights...dont remember) happened thats for sure...i saw mr GANDHI(yes d original 1...d mohandas 1) in my dream...
he was anxiously lukin for something in my rum(it was strange coz i cudnt find my rumies!)..
it was weird...its bapu ofcourse(i know it on).puzzled i asked
me-bapu,is that u??

mr Gandhi- yes who else do u think wud wrap a khadi shawl in dis chilly weather??(he was furious over somethin i guessed)

me-oh an wt r u lookin for?(quite frankly i still cudnt believe i was talkin to mr G himself)

G- i ve msplaced my laptop(WHAT?? seriously....what place is dis??)
wud u help me find it??

me-oh u can use my nu MAC..i ve got it recently(*GRIN*)

G- oh okay i mite give that a shot too...nice piece though(hee hee gandhi himself applaudin a foreign thin for a change :P)

me-what wr u doin wid ur laptop neway??

G- i was readin about that protest dey organized on my death aniversary in delhi...gud to see so many ppl gather for a cause.its so heartenin to see indians still feel(i heard him!..FEEEEEL)

me- yes was actually a generous call to all the ppl who can manage to come to central delhi on sunday afternun for a silent protest against corruption which is rampant an govt is sittin like a toothless lion in d forest.

G- dont discard d power of democracy dude(yay!....he called me dude)

me- still bapu...dont u think ppl hav become more greedy dese days??..no1 wants to do somethin for society

G-listen...its al inter-related like a chain...if ppl r poor an cant find job...dey ll do watever it takes to feed dem or dere if he s poor he cant pay to get education.hence he cant be in d white collar its lyk the vicious cycle.

me-so u mean ppl to change things, dey shud start robbin to become rich???

G-thats where d problem is....its d means that counts...wealth acquired from bad means never gives happiness.
see if the rich doent live simple poor man will always consider himself underpriviledged coz he cant afford such liberties.

me- u actually think ppl hav time to follow ideology??

G- son,dont underestimate the power of d end of the day every1 wants a peacefull sleep for them an their i can bet that someday that person will regret his bad act.

me-so u r bettin the future of country on ppl's active conscience??

G-didnt u read about that rally??..i ll tell u why it moved me so much..
for the first tym i hav seen so many ppl willingly go out on weekend to support the cause in recent times....d actual figure was 30,000(how d hell did he know about it??)its huge considerin how busy ppl r wid dere commitments..

me-ya even i was surprised to hear that.ppl generally dont giv a damn about rallies or parades.

G-so based on that...i m sure the GOODNESS is still alive in ppl...we still take pity wen some1 gets hurt..some1 dies...somethin bad happens to loved one's
i m pretty sure the INDIA i dreamt of...fought in d "makin" i kno u ppl(i assumed he was referin to d generation) hav what it takes...jus channelize ur energy to right direction..
i m watchin :)

me-an how about ur peers who r in power now???

.....i saw him chuckle an suddenly felt a tremor around me wid voices risin in me ear
"kya bakwas kar raha hai be neend mein???"

"i was dreamin???...oh that explains mr bapu..he said he s watchin"

so wonderin about how i cud hav asked many more questions..i strted my day


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