Friday, March 25, 2011

the SO-CALLED-SERIALS and average man!

today i read an article in TOI about what women hate about men and the top of the article about how men r engrossed in dere sports things while women want a LOT(if dere rnt flooding already) of reality shows or d drama serials where dey hav those different camera angles and capturing every damn emotions.

it provides a lot of FODDER for FOOD-FOR-THOUGHT.
seriously who r all dese ppl who watch all dis crap???
its so pathetic that u ll pull ur hair out(of course the DUMB ppl who find it interesting OBVIOUSLY wont).....all i ve seen is glimpses of these aptly called DRAMA series wen they r showin trailors of dere dumb series...
its lyk they know that d ppl who ll watch dere serials is so sick and frustrated wid a lot of things in his life that he'd rather watch d nonsense than to argue wid d female folks sitting wid him.......
its more lyk we shud present them wid pros and cons of watching watever crap dey calim is VERY INERESTING to watch
coz its showing how women so heavily dressed and made up can cry..
my mom cud actually feel that tulsi or watever dey call her dese days(Its ALLWAYS the same old story)

dont believe me....try sitting through an episode of these(its too much to ask for but try it once),and u wud observe that apart from capturing d female's emotions from every possible camera angle.NOTHING actually happens.and the main focus is on how much hell women are made to go through(SOB SOB!)imagine dey ve made some 1000 odd episodes of a series(i m surprized dey didnt try putting it for world record of some sort,and while dere s slew of serials flooding tv channels,women folks cant get enuf of dese.its like dey enjoy seeing other female folks cryin or gettin grinded wid system.
and my frends who r in "RELATION"(more on that later)....dey ve made dem wacth dis an now dey actually wait for it to air everyday.(seriously i ve neva understood WHY?)

even our crime detective series which r supposed to b THRILLERS and trp generating are the butt of all d sms jokes(if u havent recieved one of dose....clearly u ve been hibernating)...

now i m a very big fan of series's myself and love to follow dem....but the sensible 1's.check out an episode of CRIMINAL MINDS, an try to compare it wid CID...u ll kno wat i m talkin about

meanwhile the average GUY NEXT DOOR is helpless,he HAS to sir thru the torture or else he risks pickin up a fight wid d catering dept of their respective homes(read females)

and for those who r looking for solutions,develop a habit of sleeping wid running TV...
its tried and tested :)

and last thing OFF THE RECORD....those pathetic glycerin crap r no match for thriller sports matches(cant wait for 30th) :D



  1. d so called serials or watever it is absolutely sucks! B]

  2. hehehehhe...yaa totally...d whole practice is to generate TRP's...wonder why ppl even watch those

  3. Hey hey!
    Not all women force serials upon their boyfriends. Just, quite a few of them
    And yes. Serials are overrated, boring, crappy, and sleepy. Point taken, and agreed to.
    And Criminal minds? Did Dexter die or something that he's not mentioned here?
    Hehe. Nice post

  4. i jus thot that since govt of america didnt allow first 2 seasons to b telecasted...ppl wudnt b followin that too furiously..
    and yes dexter is THE BEST i ve i apologise if emotions hav been hurt

  5. i hate these serials too... hope these ppl fall in fire.. oh noo.. they will return back with plastic surgeries... yuks...

  6. heheheheh....preisely my point....dey never run out of dis plastic surgery ideas :P

  7. Emotions HAVE been hurt. I mean, Dexter? That's like betrayal.
    It's the best show I've seen in decades. And luckily, the Indian govt's too ignorant to cancel the first two seasons here. ;)
    Anyways, apology accepted.

  8. Serials and show stoppers are in thing of the yesterdays generation, nowerdays it is facebook and tweets

  9. ehheheheheh..yes thats another way to look at it.
    my point being why do they spend so much is dese stupid WITHOUT PLOT serials

  10. I love criminal minds!!!! But I like CID too. Watch it as a comedy show :-P




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