Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my journey to an from my home(indian railways diaries)

recently i went to my home courtesy my dad's continuous persuation that i havent been home in a long tym(read since i started earnin :P).so i booked tickets to an from my home...both WAITING,thanks to the huge indian population no 1 gets a berth in any of the trains whatsoever dese days.an indian railways hav dis waiting concept wherein u pay for the ticket and den u r on ur own...
its lyk wen u enter a restaurant dey ask u menu and den ask u for d payment an VOILA!...THANK U SIR...u may go home now...
GOD DAMNIT where s d food??

i landed myself near d washbasin put my stuff on a paper and started d journey.now wen u r near the toilet u get to see how ppl think of trains as dere personal dumpyard and dey make sure dat dey use the lavatory well enuf so dey get the full value of the money...
so dere wr ladies doin all sorts of cleanin for dere kids...older folks makin all sorts of noises as if dey r gonna die an den AAAAKKKKTHUUUUU....an splurge of water(good heavens wt is wrong dese ppl)....an d worst part is it does not stop at dis...dey keep comin every 1 an half hour or so(oh yes!i timed it...didnt hav too much to do either)....
n den dere wr those AE CHAI...CHAI...CHAI...ppl,hell bent on feedin every soul present in every cabin...dere wr 4 of dem at any given tym in a coach.now i m a admant fan of tea but d sight of "tea" dey wr makin made me sick(seriously why do u even call that tea?..dont even get me started on the taste).....i was sick of dis whole thing an suddenly i heard a voice in d adjoining compartment askin
P1- "bhai akele ja rahe ho kya???..."
me- "???????"
P1="if u r goin alone come sit wid me...we can talk...it ll b easier to pass tym"(considerin dis train was goin patna...i was surprised to hear him talk in english *WINK*)
so he introduced himself an we got talkin..he was a army kid an was workin in uae..an thanks to him my journey which i thot wud suck for the most part was a comparatively easy 1..
back home i ate LYK A PIG...mom packed a lot(n i mean LOT) of stuff to eat wen i reahc at my place in DILLI(employment has its perks)...
i was again standin on the platform again d same nite boardin the same train ....an guess what ...with a WAITING ticket...dis tym RAC...an thanks to some REALLY REALLY cold air i was shivering whole nite and didnt sleep..
again that stupid tea...an guess what again an army man..(u hafta talk to a army man to see how funny dey r)...
d nite was over an i was in dilli...an a frend of mine arranged for a biryani treat which made me forget a lot stress...

came home aroung 9 in d night an FINaLLY slept after 2 nites lyk a baby in my own bed



  1. i thought i had discovered some langland, gower or chaucer manuscript but on closer scrutiny i found out that it was promotional material for the indain railways.thanks . but you are in luck . you have discovered that police men have funny bones and now- surprise-people speak english on a train going to patna . keep blogging and keep springing surprises ( for yourself included)

  2. thanks a ton for ur comment...glad u read :)

  3. i think even ur day 2 day experiences will be worth sharing




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