Sunday, January 30, 2011

T-H-E gay incident

1 question.....which city in india wud u vote the most liberal of all?
think hard...m sure ppl wud b rootin for dere respective places of origin but i hav a UNIQUE perspective(trust me wen i say dis *WINK*)..
well my answer is BANGALORE hands down(okay before u ppl start yellin...let me elaborate)..
dis city enjoys wat i wud call the FREE(how i wish dere wr a superlative degree of dis word) movement of GAY's around the city.guys can vouch for me now.
oh ya i can hear u.every guy has been,at some point of time or another been VICTIMIZED my GAY's(for d intellectually challenged ppl...gays r ppl who r interested in dere own gender :P).so i m basically talkin about d weird men folks(WEIRD high 5).bangalore even has d yearly parade of ppl supporting the gay cause(wts dere to can some1 be interedted in dere own gender is way beyond my understandin?).
so now the big incident....dis happnd wen i was in some street wid my frend(s) an suddenly dere was dis guy speekin sheepishly(he was actually mumblin somethin).an den i saw ppl runnin an yellin at each other.
wen i got d hold of wat was goin on....actually d other MUMBLE DUDE apprently tried to put his saliva on the other dude(how groase is that?)...n that other DUDE didnt fancy his ROMANTIC act so a lil fight broke out an den i gotta kno how gays luked like...
i took a closer look an made a mental note to myself(IF U EVER SEE THAT DUDE AGAIN.....START RUNNIN IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION)..
an while i was busy makin dis decision in my mind....i saw that guy lukin at me(OH MY GOD.....NO NO NO!)...I M INTERESTED IN GURLS!....GURLS!....wish i cud shout it out..a LOT of females WHO r sick an FRUSTRATED of my frend requests can vouch for that(OOPSY!)....but that guy was so near by an he jus smirked an went off....didnt say nething.(PHEW!)

that was kinda so i realized dey mite b weird to us but who r we to question dere orientation....its not dere fault god made dem like it

PSSST-i wrote a last line jus to b politically correct...
u kno what i mean ;) *wink*


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