Saturday, February 26, 2011

the story of how i met a bangalan(yet another indian railway diaries)

in my really long engineering time i had to travel too much to reach my home in sem holidays so dis happened on one of dose journeys.i was traveling back from my place to my collage an dis happened while i took the conectin train from calcutta to bangalore.i had been waiting since 1 o clock in afternoon for the train an was really pissed wid all d bengali talk all around me on this the thing about kolkata station is its REALLY crowded..u haft see an check even before u plan to move ur limbs.u mite hurt somebody an ppl r always trying to cut deer way in d middleof wherevee u r dere r too many ppl all d tym round d clock.and somehow its all pleasant to my train arrived an i called up home an informed i was boarding the train an told deem i m still breathing an whoever dye suspect is out to get me wid his sniper hasn't found me yet(for intellectually challenged folks..ITS A JOKE)

so i checked my ticket an entered the coach…an to my surprise deer r atleast 10 ppl sittin in my compartment…(who r dese ppl??)…n den it dawned on me..half of deem hav come to see off a guy(i assumed he was goin on some warfront or something but his dressing suggested otherwise)…an den while i was busy makin mental notes…i heard a voice…turned back to find a really GRUMPY(oh yes…she lucked scary) female asking "which is ur birth??"

i thot of answering "do i look like a thief to u??…n y do i tell u…….LADY SHERLOCK" :P …….but instead jus nodded an pointed to the upper birth.

an den i saw it…she was deer to see off her small sister(why do ppl hav dis see off concept i ll neva understand)

so finally dye gave that female all d stuff to eat and told her all d rules and regulations(dey wr starin at me so i assumed i figured on her DONT-U-DARE-TALK-TO-HIM list)…..

till den i was so furious wid that elder sister i thot i wood ask d smaller 1 about what part of my face makes me look like thief?

so d train muved and the army guy(d 1 who d whole clan came to see off) slept and started snoring like a pig…GRRRRRRRR

somehow i spent d nite cursing the whole proceedings(why does indian railways do dis to me..).everytym when i book a ac ticket deer ll b some baby who ll refuse to sleep after 2 in nite an his/her mother will hav no clue what d baby wants….ro worse dere will b some older UNCLE ji kinds who ll b adamant to tell me dere stories and how deer son/daughter or god knows who works and earns blah blah…i m sick of dese kinds…

nevertheless it was morning wen i woke up an that army fellow had started talkin to dis female about some female he met an how she cant stop gushing about him all d tym(yaa….rite….bloody LOOSER)…so i picked up some paper to solve SUDOKU..

so i turned to her to ask "do u hav pen?"(thats all i cud come up wid)

my sudoku finished and den wen i returned the pen she said "u like solving sudoku?"(younger sister is no less genius mind u)

an den we got talkin…she told me about her college and i told her about mine….dat army guy was dere too but its MY i ll IGNORE him….

an den wen i got d chance i ask "why did ur sis think i was a thief?"

"she was jus makin sure u came to d rite coach…"(wat a nice way to make sure i must say)

i thot she was being protective so kinda let it pass an in revenge i ate all her delicious stuff her family gave to eat in d journey(BUHAHAHHAHAHAA)

an so d day passed an she gave me her number..i saved it……an den wen her station came..i got down to see her off (indian tradition *wink*)

an wen my station came…while i was getting down….my fone was ringing and in d hurry i DROPPED my fone on platform……damit………… :(

customer care took 500 bucks to repair it all CONTACTS WERE ERASED…. :(



  1. but did you erase the bengalan also from your mind or did you do some rebooting. railways weren't such fun in our days .alas!

  2. hhahahahahha....well railways r irritating most of d tym....i described the only time it were the mix of both ;)

  3. Nice story! Kia sad si ending daal di.. I was getting so hopeful! Grr..
    And the next time, keep the phone in your pocket!

  4. I liked the INDIAN TRADITION WINK. Although I don't know how do people wink in other countries.Next time you have to show me that WINK.
    AND DUDE.the SPELLINGS. I know its kindda cool.;but inta COOL na karo yarron:))

  5. thanks malayka for reading...i jus mentioned what happened.. :) baaki to bas jo hai saamne hai ;)

  6. and saurabh sir the spelling mistakes werent intensional to sound cool...i just didnt proof read..
    pint noted and will take care of the same from next tym




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