Tuesday, February 8, 2011

whoever said marriages r made in heaven must be HALLUCINATING

the DUDE is born...he learns to talk,walk....speak an den 1 fine day he s admitted to skool.coa if dont study u wont get a a job an u cant marry(i hate dis part but will come to that later).
dude finds new ppl in class,starts mingling wid dem shares his joys,dreams,makes stupid mistakes,learns an makes em again (hehehehhehe..some ppl neva learn)...an finally goes to colg with the promise of makin gud in life.
to give back to society one day wen he ll b able enuf...gets his degree(apparently.....awkward high 5) and lands himself a job(oh yes...he got a job..yappa dappa do..)
ow the dude is busy wid tryin to make the both ends meet an suddenly some guy in his place says "the guy is SETTLED...when r u goin to get him married??"(now wait a minute....does that even make sense?)
this is d part i absoFUCKINlutely hate about indian tradition....d moment a guy starts earnin d folks in dere respective families(esp the self appointed society,customs shit spitters) start talkin about marriages and gurl's fathers r contacted an DEALS r negotiated..
"we r sellin our son for 10 lakh...wat say??"
"10 lakh is too much...i can only give 7.."
"ok den add a car to it"
rest we ll take in installments".....

it may sound awkward but dis is d reality...an all for WHAT????....MARRIAGE...which is d worst thing u cud do wid ur life...
if d dude knows a gurl from his class or skool or colg or watever place...its ABSOLUTELY NO NO.....(ask d reason only if u dare to branded "d person who cant respect his elders")
no 1 even asks the gurl if she s ready to spend her WHOLE life wid d guy(sounds so scary)
an guys.....while dere parents r busy negotiating deals wid dere counterparts...get to choose(oh yes...dey r shown females pics taken in various dresses(considerin we hav only 898 females for every 1000 men..wonder how long wud dis custom survive..STUPID CUSTOMS)
sample some doubts
"why dont u hav ur gurls pic in saree???"
"can she walk properly??"
"beta,how many fingers ??"(oh yes i saw dis...d lady was tryin to test her visibility)

an den begins d preparation an finally d big day where d gurls family has already spent lakhs to SHOW how much dey care for dere daughter...n if u notice carefully...
u can see hoards of ppl in d weddin...lots of whom r so happie u cant imagine whats wrong dem..
especially d older folks...i hav,to dis day,not understood why older folks r so happie when other ppl r gettin married...
what i ve dciphered is dey r smiling....i ve suffered..
an once dey r married..other ppl r happie an d couple r peft to suffer..
thats it for other ppl...dey had dere share of party...now u clean up the mess....
i seriously wont b able to understand why ppl get married.
if producing kids is d only reason..why not ADOPT

this blog is as tribute to d person who said


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  1. The best ever uncle .. awesome ..
    Loved it .. I'm totally with you .. Word to Word from my mouth .. :P
    \m/ Good going uncle ;)




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