Saturday, February 5, 2011

'chai' an its FEEEEEEL

i dunno where i ve heard dis story but contrary to popular belief,it were the chinese who introduces ppl to the concept of chai and the cuttin associated wid it.
oh yes dont believe me...go to the nearest tea stall an sit dere for 10-15 mins(order a tea ofcourse!) lisen to ppl talk...u ll realize how much intellectualism(mind the use of superlative degree)...ppl discuss all sorts of thing rangin from topics dey care about to the topics no1 gives a damn...but discussion is u can give ur opinion too(try to b diplomatic for ur own sake) dis is common throughout the country...d taste may vary but ppl r hung on dere 'CUP OF TEA'(jokes HIGH5)
so how did dis happen?...wy r ppl so hung up on tea...i ve tried to figure out lot of reasons.
1 of dem being that tea stalls easily accesible in ne area of the city(n thankfully no 1 asks u to show ur indentity to sit dere an relax) be it ur colg building..hostel...or ur office multistorey for that matter...dere will b a chai stall nearby where all the ppl(yes d CAR drivin 1's too) will come an hav tea (smoke is optional although ppl tend to clun both of dese a lot of tym :P) an while in d process of havin tea frends r made,lyf experiences r shared an its everywhere.
an d best part is women folks never seem to understand what d fuss is all about?...why men folks r dyin for tea so much dey never seem to understand.(its a BRO thing.....HIGH 5 again)...
an so every mornin when i get up d only thing on my mind is "where can i get a cup of tea?"

n to those "not-so-fortunate" kinds....try it once an u ll kno why ppl sit on tea stalls for hours talkin about a lot of things that probably dont make sense to ne of dem...but still is worth it..
cheers to d good ol' CHAI

"abe chotu....2 cuttin lagana special waali" ;)


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