Saturday, March 5, 2011

Daastaan-e-Dilli....chandani chowk..parathe wali gali...etc

recently i got a chance to go to chandani chowk which is easily accessible thanks to metro these days...had heard an seen so much about the legendary place courtesy a lot of dere i was standing out of the metro station an den a REALLY long walk down the streets which were heavily crowded to say the least....even in a car obsessed city like delhi(its Pronounced DILLI and NOT delly...STUPID ppl) ppl didnt bring cars to the streets....jus rickshaws and a LOT n LOT of ppl and shops on every side corner and every imaginable angle and ppl sittin outside shops pormising u d best returns if only u walk in dere shops(one of shopkeepers actually tried selling me saaree....i tried to defend but he wont listen)...its like u r walkin in some street where dere s space only for 2 ppl in opposite direction to i cudnt keep myself from smiling...i was grinnin all d way coz dese were streets walked by lot of great its all chaos...ppl yelling at each other.....shopkeepers competing on who can shout how much about dere product an roadside vendors sellin all sorts of chaats an spicy dishes(trust me no matter how much ppl other place in whole country can match the flavour u can hav dere)....its like u can smell spices while FIGHTING UR WAY towards chandani chowk.

so we askd a rickshaw puller about the whereabouts of T-H-E "PARATHE WALI GALI".....thats actually exists...even i thot it was a urban legend kind of a joke(refer urban legend in dictionary AKALMAND).....he said in his relax tone "seedhe chalo jao sir aur gurdware se turn maar dena"

and turn we took into an even more small(dis time u can barely walk...) in to hoard of shops claiming to b dere from as old as 5 generations and ppl standin in queue's jus to hav a dey didnt hav any secret ingredient or reciepe....its all out in d open...dey dont even shout dere names or watever...ppl r dyin to get a place to wen i got menu...i started was like a real feast...i mean really.....cashew,papad,malai,daal,nuts....i mean think of an edible an its stuffed in a paratha and its was like wat restaurants do wid dosas down paratha's were d its been goin on from gaes so our ancestors hav already given dere thumbs it tastes HEAVEN....SERIOUSLY!...i m a big foodie and my phisique will vouch for that so take me word...
its jus out of dis world....i ate lyk a PIG...
4 parathas an i was literally FULL..but den dey were servin LASSI lassi it was an finally i had d best meal in ages(i felt the same wen i finished eating for the first tym in bobby da dhaba,bangalore...more on that later)

it was d same feeling that roshan(abhishek bachhan) described in delhi-6......."sab kuch kitna alag aur fir bhi ek balance"

an finaly after the neal i walked to the red fort an tasted a slice of history for myself(dreamed of being dere ever since saw narsimha rao make speech from dere)

i remember i askd my dad "papa which place is dis??"

"its red fort...every 15th august countrie's P M makes a speech from dere.its a show of our strength to the whole world"..

next in ,ine....jama mazjid and KAREEM's(i ve heard dey serve the BEST kabab's in the country)

finally a day well spent and a dream come true :)

an so i felt the dialogue in delhi 6 again "kaun jaye zaunk.....par DILLI ki galiyaan CHORR ke"



  1. nice blog u know chandni chowk is full of flavours in terms of eating.............

  2. Thanks to this wonderful post, I'm hungry :X




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