Sunday, July 3, 2011

Words/sentences women love to speak

Women are interesting because of so many of them being that they love to speak some words/sentences repeatedly in conversations. This is my observation and i DON’T expect you to agree with me.

1. You are not doing it right: women love to do things perfectly, according to them. So when asked for advice they will gladly point out what is not right but not even once they will spit out what is it they are trying to imply. Thats for you to guess!

2. We don’t talk/ You don’t listen: ‘talking’ to women is like an isotope of oxygen, they need to talk about things, on things, things that matter, things that don’t and things that are around, distant, not-even-there or pretty much everything no 1 gives a crap about. And women’s idea of conversation is that you should be actively cribbing with them. I am sure you don’t want to pick up a fight by contradicting but saying ‘yaa yaa’ ‘haan’ ‘you are right’ is NOT helping your cause

3. Awwwwwwwwww: it is the cutest possible face a women can make which can make you go weak in your knees but 99.67% time you wont be the object of will be some street dog/cat/whale/shark i.e. animals which don’t fly or crawl and then comes a lot of cursing the system, society or every other thing she can think is responsible for that

p.s. women hate animals that fly and crawl

4. I am/was busy: a common reply when she doesn’t want to talk. It basically means ‘don’t bother me you moron’. most of the time this words comes up when you left a message, called or pinged on chat. Don’t bother asking busy with what, you are inviting trouble

5. No: This is the favorite word of the females who DON’T like to talk too much. Oh yes these kinds exist and they like to keep it simple by downright refusing everything. They don’t mean any offense, they just don’t like you talking and they are too lazy to say it on your face

6. I don’t like it : don’t even bother arguing with this if you have heard the phrase “hitting your head on the wall doesn’t make a difference to the wall”. It’s a very long list. You will have to be very attentive to the details or else next time there will be a I-TOLD-YOU-SO face staring at you

7. I am not like other girls, they are stupid: I am sure every one of us had teacher who had this ‘I am not like other teachers’ theory but all of them eventually ‘taught’ same goes for the above sentence. In the end all women are just that, Women

8. What’s so good about BEER/ Why do people drink? : for some reason unknown to a lot of male souls on planet, women and beer don’t reason no argument. Just that. They hate beer because they cant put the finger on 1 thing that is interesting about the thing. The same though does not apply to whiskey, rum, brandy, vodka question same as every one else. WHY?

9. Whatever: this word is “go to hell, may you get burnt and then eaten alive by some giant dinosaur or get thrashed by some car or bike ” in disguise. Women don’t like loosing an argument so the moment they don’t seem to have the winning egde they utter this word. It’s a sign,drop the argument if you want to save your life because you never hear the silent part that follows the word

10. I didn’t know: this is the most common reply to even the easiest of GK question because women don’t like reading papers and they are clueless about most of the happenings around the world. And this sentence is succeeded by the cutest face made by the women in question so you cant even question her

11. Hmmmmmmm/Mmmmmmmm/Yummmmmm: I am not even sure if they make sounds like this while typing or writing but in conversation these words make random appearance. And the word ‘Hmmmmm’ is the greatest ‘conversation killer’ invented by just breaks your enthusiasm to talk.

12. I have no clothes, what would I wear?: the CLASSIC women act.all the women utter this sentence the moment there is a party/gathering/marriage/function/occasion invitation on the way and every women DISAGREES with the other women she s talking to. Grass is always greener on the other side indeed

13. I so Looooooove it/that/you/whatever: they say it so many times that you can learn to almost ignore the words.will take time but it will sink in. most of the time its those mwah mwah conversations women have where all these love beans are thrown

14. Downmarket: it refers to the self-declared-macho men most of the time much to their displeasure. The men in question are always 3-day shaven chewing something like retarded cows and looking at women as if any moment they can ask for “you-know-what” which of course doesn’t they are kind on inviting comments like that and hence the word!

15. I am never on phone : not a singl women agress to this if you or any other person brings it to their notice. Women don’t like to be contradicted so next time DON’T BOTHER

pro tip: even if u show the call records, wont help.

16. Men are stupid : 98.7% of all the women agree to the fact that men are stupid breed who grow hair, don’t shave, don’t have dressing sense, don’t use cologne, drink beer, indulge in stupid man nights and talk stupid. All these women take pitty on the the rest (100-98.7)% women, who are just lazy to crib about it. TRUE STORY!

Some guy said “oh Women! Cant live with them, cant live without them”. I agree a way god made them different so men will find them amusing and run behind them and so life will be interesting. after all what will be life without pretty lady!

do you know some other words/sentences women share



  1. Looks lik someone's been watching too many chick flicks.. maybe ur bosses aren't giving u enuf work.. hm?

  2. :D :D again got me rolling! I m particularly the "Awwwwwwwwww" girl and I couldn't agree more with the P.S !! You got it perfect dude!
    and yeah I have been told by a certain male not to use Hmmmmm :D :D

  3. very wiitty!
    Very well written..deeply conveying
    Now my opinion: ROFL!!:D u dedicate an entire piece of writing to women-kind! n we are still that?women?..well put :-)
    That 'awwww' line is a winner for me as well..LOL :D. speaking from experience- I confess, 99 % of the times when I have 'awwwww-ed' my object for such a reaction is definitely an animal.:D guys need to work on themselves a little more n make themselves adorable ;-)
    But, hey, c'mon stop being mean to us and pretending that you know us very well..u will lose brownie points with the next girl u might want to hit on :-)

  4. i ll tell u a pet one: "love you,mwah" they may say dis while online chatting to any other gal, frns mother, anyone who treats her often, the gay guy in ur class who has hardly ever talked with a guy, her dog, kaamwali or anyone for that matter.

    good work dude!

  5. very witty!! You seem to have really keen ears to pick up these things!!! Good post!!!

  6. You my friend have been tortured..God bless you..

  7. @anonymous(please mention name next time)...naa just 2-3 bits of observation here and there thats it.
    @maithili...well i ll take that as a compliment.AGAIN thanks for reading :)
    @meghs...WOOOOF so much analysis...good to know i was right but see i agree men have to run behind women.nothing changes that #fact
    @chillbill pandey....ekdum satya miss ho gaya ;)
    @upasana..thanks..glad that i ve inched a lil closer in understanding women

  8. Hahahaha! I totally get the BEER one! I am sure piss tastes better (not tht i have tried it) But stil1!!!

  9. Awwwwwww<3<3<3<3 (pun intended) I totally love this post. Best post ever and I use 7 & 8 so often. The only thing missing here is exagerration. We exaggerate everything and this applies to what i said about your post too :-P

  10. what a world this world would be if everyone here was just like me...sounds soo gay...agreed... cannot live without them....


  11. @red handed ...i knew that.women simply hate beer.most of them havent even taken a sip.
    @chitan....thanks for reading and nicely exaggerated. i ll still take that as a compliment
    @sub well ppl are different and thats what makes them special.thanks for reading

  12. nice one...although m a woman...yet..nice one..:)

    ur 5th point is so me but not really the 10th one...women do know suff...

  13. @shirin....well women are smart than men in every feild But current affairs isnt one of their favorite topics, or atleast not too many women take interest in that.thanks for reading

  14. Ok. Number 10 is downright offensive!

  15. It's amazing! chick flick overdose?

  16. omigod hilarious!! Point number 12 is my birthright :-PPP

    I have to follow!!!!

    1. i am elated. well this brings me a lil closer to in understanding the most complex creation of god




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