Sunday, July 24, 2011

My name is _________ and I am not a terrorist: the story of a bike rider

I recently got a bike and I am pissed! Now before you jump to any conclusion, let me start by saying that the bike is awesome. I might exactly feel like god per se but that’s completely different point. Its the paper work that’s pissing me off. Whenever you purchase a bike or a car, you need to have 2 documents for sure:

1. An address proof and

2. A driver’s license.

And I DON’T have both. Oh yes not even a driving license. Let me explain!

1. Address proof: the problem of address proof has plagued me before on many occasions as well but I somehow I managed but now its really pissing me off. I mean how many times so I have to prove that I don’t plan to diffuse a bomb in the city I am currently living in? I work in a company dude, I earn my living from the peanuts(I refuse to call that salary) they give me every freaking month and I don’t plan to BLOW that up, figuratively and literally speaking. But the guy who sells stuff will absolutely refuse to buy the logic!
Who give’s a rats ass about logic anyway(not that I want one)
So I have to go with the same old sentence perfect by practicing over years

“I don’t have a house in this city.i live in a p.g.”
the last word gets his eyebrows raised as he just stumbled upon some porn magazine in his kid’s room
“but you ll have to get me an address proof” (now common, were you even listening what I said just now?)

… and the discussion continued.

I mean I do live in this country so why get grilled every time?

2. Driving License: in India you can drive trucks if you want to without hitting people on road of course. If you are adamant, try for DTC buses (pun intended!). driving license is necessary only when you get caught without your purse. And if you plan to apply for a driving license just because you know how to ride a bike or drive a 4-wheeler, WAIT! and no 1 cares if you dont have the time to get a driving license.thats completely your headache

a) Do you have an address proof?

b) Do you have an identity proof?

c) Can you prove that you don’t plan to bomb this city?

every time the same drill, same discussion just because I don’t own a flat in the city I currently live in.

So naturally when I went to apply for driving license I was treated to all these questions + the weirdest 1:

You can’t apply until you have lived in this place for at least 10 months.

And if you plan to drive before that in the city, well didn’t we tell you India is progressing with a gross GDP of 8.blah blah %?

Don’t you get irritated when faced with such situations?
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  1. Yes even i get irritated. But I just carry on. DO what is required and get on with my day :)

    PS following your blog now!

  2. Hey Madhav, I cn so understand ur frustration... My friend hd to apply fr an education loan n they asked her to submit proof to established tht she hd enough money in her worth to nt need the loan amount tht she ws applyin fr :)




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