Sunday, July 10, 2011

Can I use your slippers?

People are weird or at least I have been a little unlucky because the one’s I meet are really twisted.i mean how cheap you have to be to ask some one for their slippers to go to the BATHROOM.

dude I know u are NOT going to take bath there

The two incidences that happened which got me so pissed :

Incident 1:

Bangalore bound ‘Karnataka express’ from New Delhi railway station

‘Tuesday or Thursday not sure’

I boarded the train and was trying to sleep when this guy came and started unpacking a lot of stuff and got into his bikini things. *Lights off* and I am back to my sleep

Next day I am sitting on the lower berth planning to get something to eat

Bikini guy: can I use your slippers?

Me: excuse me?

B.G.: aapka chappal use kar sakta hun.bathroom jaana hai? (can I use your slippers, need to go to bathroom)

Oh and did I mention there was a FEMALE in the same compartment with her mother who asked me my CASTE before offering me food. And the female has already captured my book and said THANKS in advance. Without asking, of course!(this requires another blog post altogether)

Me: no way. (Actually I wanted to punch that guy for calling my brand new puma FLIP FLOP’s as chappals)

B.g.: its just once

Me: ye kya tareeka hai? Main nahin de sakta(what is this? I cant give I am sorry)

I had to leave the compartment for the fear that he will steal my slippers for the whole day. I came back only to sleep in the night


Incident 2:

Gurgaon last weekend

We shifted our pg and were forced to adjust with this guy as he was to leave the room the next day. This guy was different from the other guy in train.
His idea of conversation was yelling in the phone as loud as he could get while also chewing something *puuuuchhhhhh* yes. Now KILEAR VOICE.

Guy:aap kahan se hain? (WHERE ARE FROM?)

Me:*trying to avoid* kya? (what?)

Guy: nahin chappal chahiye tha zara bathrum jaana hai(actually I wanted your SILLIPERS.need to go the bathroom)

And guess what, this guy didn’t even wait for my nod.took my slippers and disappeared while simultaneously explaining some person how to RESPACT PEEPUL.


And this brings me to the question: why are people so weird? And how can you ask someone for slippers to go to the bathroom?

You cant even bath there, even if you want to..BLOODY FOOLS!

have you met such people?



  1. Lol!...this has happened to me a lot. But ummm for some alien reason i hav never take it to heart this way :p

  2. asking other's chappal for visiting the bathroom!!! seriously weird and gross!! It only highlights that a vast majority of our population has degrees but not MANNERS!!

  3. Well I never take anything of this sort seriously

  4. lol...funny..these things are so common....

  5. Being in a hostel it has happened number of times. . I can live with dat bt it irritates me to d core wen d ass doesn't return it!Being in a hostel it has happened number of times. . I can live with dat bt it irritates me to d core wen d ass doesn't return it!

  6. @red handed ...its not that i took it to heart or something like that..its just that i find it a lil irritating..thanks for reading
    @maithili...yaa and MAY is replaced with CAN.people dont even know the difference..thanks for reading
    @vijay...well its just that i find it a lil irritating..thanks for reading
    @sub...agree absolutely...thanks for reading
    @rohan...i myself hav lived in hostel for so long and still find it very irritating..thanks for reading

  7. Hey buddy I am glad to inform you that you have received an award. Do check my latest blog post.

  8. lolz...thankz GOD i was never asked this question! it is weird actually!

    you have a nice page as Vijay explained in his post n I likes it:-)

  9. Lol, thankfully this happens yeah but only with my close buddies. Nobody else dares ask because I'm almost psychotic about my stuff:D

  10. @vijay...thats so nice of you..thanks a lot..appreciate it
    @mishi...well as i mentioned may be i m unlucky with people...thanks for reading...
    @shirin...well what can i say..weird experiences make good stories..thanks for reading too and thats why i got so pissed off.thanks for reading

  11. i have stayed in hostels and this is pretty common. i remember it used to freak me out too but there really was no way out of it other than walking away with it :D like u did in the train

    yeh achchi thee tumhare chappal oops Puma flip-flop ki kahani




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