Sunday, July 17, 2011

How do you know you work in IT

Its almost a year since I have started working in, you guessed it right, IT.its been good to bad to weird to downright ABSURD and have noticed quite a few things which makes it different from other walks of occupation. So how do you know you work in IT

You know you work in IT When/IF:

1. You believe there is no point going out for lunch/dinner if drinks are not involved

2. You know that Escalations have nothing to do with stairs

3. You have 2 cell phones 1 of which you never carry to office and only your family and friends know about it

4. You know the places where liquor is available 24*7 even on dry days

5. Writing mails is way more important than the work you do. It’s an art and you always wonder how you managed to work without mails while in college

6. Anything you find interesting will be if not already is, BLOCKED

7. The most important lesson you have learnt is to never ever argue with your manager. It’s going to backfire for sure.

8. You hate the company and the client you work for.

9. Sleeping between the meetings while still echoing ‘I agree absolutely’ is 1 thing you have perfected

10. You firmly believe that ‘networking’ is an overhyped word.

11. You can’t explain your work to the seniors in your family or their friends

14. Identifying who screwed up is more important than the work itself

15. When asked about weekends the reply HAS to be “I have got plans” if you don’t want to work on Saturdays

16. It’s not official until on mail

17. Everyone knows how to play Ping-Pong

18. Tea and coffee tastes awful but you still drink it because it helps pass time

19. Being on bench is not at all comfortable

20. You know the difference between H1 and B1

21. You think getting a MBA degree will solve most of your problems if not all

22. All your non-IT friends think you are a budding millionaire

23. You know major landmarks in Bangalore as the back of your head

24. ‘SIT’ ‘UAT’ ‘Billable’ ‘Performance testing’ ‘Resource utilization’ ‘Data validation’ are terms that are used everyday and actually make sense to you

25. You hate your job

Have you observed something that’s unique to this job?
Do share


  1. It seems like the industry is slowly turning you into a toy running on keys.
    Man thnkgod m a student! But yeh someday i too will be writing a post about my job.

  2. lo...

    25th point is probably unique to any job

  3. And people from all over the earth meet you up and ask you "WHERE ARE YOU FROM?" :)

    Good one Madhav :)

  4. :P :P All my gtalk friends are from IT :P :P That means gmail is not yet blocked :P

    And yes don't IT guys have a beer belly? Thanks to the dinner only if drinks provided and the junk they feed on?? That is one thing I observed :P

  5. Interesting read..But the topic is in circulation over mails already. lol.

  6. @red handed..well i have understood the meaning of the word 'slog' thanks for reading
    @sub...yes it looked incomplete if i didnt add that point hence! thanks for reading
    @jerry...yaa thats very irritating at times...thanks for reading
    @maithilli....yep beer is considered drink, lasts long and so the belly :P thanks for reading
    @sgauta81...i know thats wat got me thinking.i never claimed it to be ORIGINAL ;) thanks for reading

  7. hahah.. nice. Having Done BCA these are the exact reasons am choosing HR as my career! xD

  8. Great post. My best friend is in IT and i can't help but agree with the points.

  9. Having spent long, long years in that field (and escaped), I can relate to much of it. And if I can add to point #24, the "tech" jargon we throw around includes, 'do you have the bandwidth?', 'let's take this offline', 'has to be finished by EOD', ...
    fortunately I have forgotten much of it.

  10. I like the pic u selected.. :)

  11. IT is a frustating and an underpaid job.
    unless u are from the top cream college.
    Most of the ones including me aspire a job/field shift.




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