Saturday, June 23, 2012

15 Reasons not to watch ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’

*This is NOT a review, No Spoilers*

Finally Gangs of Wasseypur released and if it weren’t for the stupid John Doe order by the studio for this movie, as a moviegoer, I couldn’t have asked for more. But there are reasons you should avoid this movie. Oh yes, I found 15 of them. Surprised? Here are 15 reasons why you should avoid it:

1. You think Godfather (part 1 and 2) was just another movie.

2.  The name Tarantino doesn’t ring a bell/fire a shot.

3. You are a feminist, enough said.

4.   ‘A walk to remember’ is your favorite movie.

5.    You have never heard of ‘Haasil’.

6. You idolize Salman khan.

7. You recently had a bypass surgery.

8. Your dad is super excited about it and asks if you want to tag along.

9. You didn’t understand what was so epic about ‘Black Friday’.

10. You support MNS.

11. You don’t understand why everyone is so gung-ho about a certain Sneha Kanwalkar and think she’s over-rated.

12.  Politics is one area you don't like to bother yourself with.

13. You didn’t like ‘Love, Sex aur dhokha’

14. You find the seats of multiplexes a little too comforting.

15. You are a serial killer.

16. You remember i said only 15 reasons.

If you don’t fall in any of these categories, grab your bunch of friends, find your nearest ‘single’ screen theatre and savor the brilliance of cinema, watch it explode in your face one bullet at a time. Also, you are welcome. \m/oO\m/


  1. Haha..very good. Every one who is posting that he/she dint like the film ...I am giving them this link...and telling them this is why you dint like!

  2. I was not planning to watch it considering the amount of violence and the fact that you have to watch it's second part too...people are talking about Godfather and Tarantino influence. Great tips.

    1. well thats just there in muvi. crude violence and Michael corleone refrence

  3. Heard about too much violence and Godfather influence. Thanks for the warning signals.

  4. I was a little skeptical about watching it since the promos came out.But now i know exactly what to do! You are fabulous at convincing! Sahi likha hai!

    1. if you can handle crude language and violence, you ll LOVE it

  5. I cannot tell you how desperate I am to watch this movie and my bad luck LONDON :| However, I managed to buy tickets for the show listed under London Film Festival. Let's see :)

  6. Interesting…

  7. Omigod. I so have to watch this movie now!!!

  8. ok madhav........ u are the only one which echoed with me about the HASSIL POINT. BAKI TO SARE KISI KO PATA HI NAHI THAT HAASIL IS A RESEARCH WORK........ THANKS

  9. Umm I have a few issues with your post and following your narrative I am mentioning them in points...

    3. Yes I am a feminist (of sorts anyway) so I am a lil disturbed by your idea of feminism... The characters of nagma khatum and mohsina are feminists (self empowered/ intelligent/ spunky) through n through... so why wouldn't a "feminist" woman like it?

    4. Umm hopin point 3 establishes who a feminist is so she wont be watchin the "walk to..." movie anyway...

    5. Lots havent and that does not mean they don't enjoy good cinema...

    8. My dad LOVES the movie... he's also been an insane storehouse of info regardin politics n mafia durin the 80's n 90's covered by the media... i suggest u either hav a chat with yours or an uncle... :) thank me later...

    Over all i think it was witty and I am happy that you liked it too...

    peace out...

    1. appreciate you taking out so much time to read and comment. point(s) taken :)

    2. I totally agree with Harshita.
      I'm all for a portrayal of strong women in cinema as we have many examples of them in real life around us as well.

      Maybe after reading Madhav's review people certainly wouldn't "trek" to the cinema halls!
      Thanks for the review anyway.

      - Harshad Katakdhond

    3. point taken, thanks for taking out the time to read and comment. much appreciated.




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