Saturday, December 24, 2011

My first guest post: A Wedding & A Bachelor

Christmas is round the corner, ok tomorrow and my esteemed organization is making me slog in night shifts so there isn’t lot of human beings I get to interact except the unlucky souls who are in it with me. There is nothing very exciting about night shifts if that’s what you are wondering.

and in the middle of it if I am told that the guest post (a fellow blogger, big people normally, invites another blogger to write a post on their blog) that I wrote for Sujatha’s blog , also known as conversations, is LIVE is actually good news.i was planning to put some frustration stuff again but this weekend I guess the work is done. She is a blogger who I am following since very long. One of the few blogger’s who like to wear their heart on their sleeve (before you Google it, it means HONEST) . check out her other posts to know what I mean.
She actually asked me to do a guest post for her. And I had returned recently from a marriage in my community and was very very eager to put it on paper so I passed it on. It was a November wedding so there were no freezing incidents unlike a December wedding in Delhi. So I felt terribly out of place, answered a LOT of questions and ate like a pig.

it was an eye opening incident for me because it was the first marriage of my community that i DIDNT sleep thorugh, oh yes the marriages are THAT long

Read more on her blog here

did you attend a wedding and found yourself out of place? do share \m/oO\m/


  1. Congratulations on staying awake and on your first guest post. Was enjoying some of your older posts. Keep writing, my friend.

  2. I shall read the post!
    And about weddings..I always feel out of place. I might feel out f place even in my own wedding..High probability for tht!

  3. @subhorup ...well its no mean achievemnet i must say

    @redhanded...abe naam kahin to likh diya kar yaar...anyways, THANKS :D




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