Saturday, October 29, 2011

An open letter to Metallica from a Delhi guy

Dear Metallica,

I am the guy who was standing for 4 hours outside the concert venue who didn’t get to see you, didn’t break anything and now feels insulted by the talks of the full amount refund.

But here’s the catch:

I DON’T want a refund, I wanted to see you and that’s what I want. If I wanted my money I wouldn’t have bothered with the ticket and contrary to what the organizers told you, most the people who turned up for the concert were college going kids or working professionals who have saved up the money, taken leave, boarded flights, trains just to see you in flesh and blood.

They are disappointed, really disappointed. Don’t you think you owe us an apology?

And please, don’t give us the security shit. You have performed at THE Woodstock. This crowd didn’t even come close to that. And lest you forget these are your fans, YOUR fan. You know they can never harm you. Don’t judge us for the organizer’s fault.

'here i am, on the road again'

Was it my fault that the organizers didn’t arrange for enough security for the crowd? Were they expecting toddlers to turn up for a metal concert?

They could have organized a ‘ghazal concert’ of they wanted ‘well-behaved’ crowd. And trust me the crowd I was part of wasn’t angry at all. They kept saying to each other ‘they have come to play and they will’

I feel cheated because no one had the guts to speak what was happening. You guys LIED. I don’t want my money,i want to see you. Please come back if you can and give us an experience we will cherish.

If only 1 of you guys would have taken the mike and tried to explain, instead of some jerk calling your fans ‘BUTTHEADS’, I am sure things would have been better.

'behind the doors, should i open it for you, or are you unforgiven too?'

A disappointed yet still, a FAN from Delhi who does not give a rat's ass about F1



  1. you owe an apology metallica.. these are the basics u need to know !!

  2. not done. so not done this. can totally empathize with you. if only ......

  3. Ah...that didn't go well... :(

  4. Aaah , thats sad..!
    I will hope she comes back atleast for all u guys..!

  5. dude i really like the post and for the first time in 25 Years i am thinking of using my basic right "right to speech".

    I saw the comments ppl are posting on some news website, talking/fighting abt south india,North india and shit fighting over useless issues like india doesn't deserve metallica and bullshit and thats making me sad, moreover when most of them weren't there where this happened.

    The only thing i felt bad about was the way as a band they treated there fans, they basically insulted them, if any band member from metallica would have appeared on the stage and said that they are unable to perform due to bla bla reason, or put a public apology for the cancellation i wouldn't have been writing this

    like yesterday on Radio RJ was saying he will not be able to play a metallica number untill metallica puts a public apology i would not be able to hear a metallica song ever after.

    i nearly attended all the concerts of heavy metal bands happened in india last 5-6 yrs Maiden/Megadeath/machinehead/sepultara and i would say the ppl in delhi were no different than anywhere else so its not the people its the organizers and the band who failed to do the concert and as a band whatevet they have acheived till date is all due to their fans like us and if they think this doesn't make any difference for them then i would say it already did, i remember the Megadeath concert when one of the indian band performing on the stage reminded ppl about the statement put across by Dave Mustaine that indian rock and rock fans sucks and Dave while addressing the crowd apologized on the same saying he never known the indian rock fans could be so amazing and he is really sorry for the statement and metallica even didn't cared for a courtsy apology.

    Sorry Bro for filling this lot of space of your blog but i had some views which i want to put across and this is the only decent place i was able to found. Let me see if my "right to speech" realization motivates me to a point where i could really put anything aggressive on this topic and realize 25000 ppl who attended this mishap that what they really want is an apology from the Band.

  6. @gaurag .. sirjee i heard some1 say, its not about who is right or wrong.its about pissed off fans
    @sujatha...i know :( :( its like some one snatched your last bite of sandwitch while you were about to eat it
    @sub...tell em about it
    @ankitha...are you absolutely sure you read the post?

  7. @TT thanks for taking out time to read and such an elaborate point being, these are professionals and this wasnt their first show.they could have handled the situation with a lil more transparency.thanks for reading dude.

  8. Ouch! I know from your tweets how excited you were and you were the first one who came in my mind when I heard the news. Yes the first one I thought of.

    What to say man, I dont know why the security issue and stage issue came in between? I do not think, that they were planning to make a music video out of this. Could have made the fans happy and left.

  9. @redhanded...what can i say, 4 hours of wait and NOTHING.i am still frustrated.what was supposed to a weekend to remember turned out to be disaster

  10. I was shocked to read that there was no security check and the organizers had oversold the tickets. Strangely Gurgaon police was unaware of the concert. How weird is that?

    DNA messed up. And agree when you say, the least Metallica could have done is apologize to their fans!

  11. This was not good on the organizers part and I agree with what TT has to say...

    I am glad you wrote a well balanced post, but I am sad that you had to go through this...

  12. Aaah , thats sad..!
    I will hope they comes back atleast for all u guys..!
    Sorry fr d previous comment..!

  13. It was a big disappointment.....Gurgaons image also got dented.....

  14. kuch naya likha nai abhi tak? do haftha ho gaya!

  15. u havent written anything in a long time. do haftey ho gaye na?

    i thot i had already left this comment last time i came here but its gone :(

  16. It's like Stan writing Eminem a letter :P
    I hope Metallica comes back again. That's one band I'm totally crazy for!

    You have a nice blog :)
    Take Care :)

  17. @sujatha....hehehe yaad rakhne ke liye dhanyawaad, likh raha hun :) aaj hi incident hua hai




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