Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scary? are you sure?

Disclaimer- *this post was written for the #ParanormalActivity3 #SpookyStory contest for MTV.thought i should share it* *this happened when i was 11 years old*

When I was in 7th or 8th std, we used to live in a joint family and it was a ancestral home that my grandpa built with an outhouse where a tenant lived. Very weird personality but somehow my parents liked him since he belonged to our place and spoke our language. He also had 1 of those click knife which he would show me all the time. I hated him. All my uncles, aunts, cousins lived with us (it was that big). But then my dad got transferred and it was only summer vacations that we would visit the place. I would carry textbooks with me but would never touch them. Since offices don’t have summer vacations dad would be away and me, playing cricket with all the cousins which most of the time resulted in a fight between someone.

Then my dad called and he was very angry at grandma that everyone keeps playing and they won’t be able to complete their summer vacations home work. There after grandma assumed the Hitler position. Then there was some function in some relatives place and it was decided that me, my 2 cousins and grandma would stay since we have not studied anything and grandma was not keeping well.

To say that we were pissed off by the decision would be an understatement. So after people left, we refused to study. Grandma was getting angry but we wouldn’t listen so she said that whoever speaks next is going to be locked in the room. Oh did I mention there was no light and we were studying in lantern (it was a small town). I got shit scared because every other place in the house was pitch dark. I started thinking about being locked inside a dark room without light (it’s very easy to scare an 11 year old kid), but I had to be brave among my cousins since I was the eldest. And at these times when you are told not to laugh or speak, you find everything funny. I burst into laughter on something my cousin did.

Don’t know how or why but it irked grandma so much that she got up from her chair, grabbed my hand started dragging me towards one room. She was so sweet to me that I was scared just the firmness of her grip. The room was at the far end of the house and had a window which faced a field. All my pride went for a toss and I started crying yelling but she won’t listen. After some time I was in the dark room all by myself.

The window was open and suddenly I felt as though someone is standing at the window. I still remember that image as if it happened yesterday. It was figure, a person. Man/woman I wasn’t able to make out. I wasn’t able to move for some time, as if I stopped thinking .and then before I could realize I was screaming louder than I could have ever thought. My grandma came running and took me out of the room. When my folks returned from the party I narrated the story to everyone and they said its not possible because of the wall surrounding our house.

No one believed the story; hell no 1 does it even now. But I couldn’t be more sure when I saw was actually a person standing outside the window. Whenever I am alone in a room and lights go off, I am tempted to check the open window if there is a shadow

have you had similar experiences? do share \m/oO\m/

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  1. well it is a spooky tale! and to think that it is nonfiction is even more scary!

  2. :) i feel a bit awkward when i am alone. i can not sleep alone, i stay awake, with lights on till i am dead tired and then sleep...haven't witnessed anything but its all in my mind :D

  3. Spooky tales always give me goosebumps. Of tiny hands trying to open the door, the urgent knocking on the door when my parents were not at home -ooh there are so many of them!

  4. spooky indeed! thank god have never seen/been through anything like this. it'd scare the shit out of me.

  5. alone in room n bloody scared now!
    Sometimes i even get scared luking at the wind blowing on the clothes hanged outside for drying. The shadows they make!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok m stupid!
    sry for the late comment. i knw u understand!

  6. @maithili...did i tell you i found your blog SUPER AWESOME? thanks for reading :)
    @chintan rite? same here...after that incident i have to look outside the window, under my bed and shut the door properly before i sleep.thanks for reading
    @purba...i am guessing u have recently watched ring or paranormal activity ;) thanks for reading
    @sujatha....its a long life and i woundt bet on that if i were you :P thanks for reading
    @redhanded....hee hee hee mission completed ...yaa u mentioned u have problem.thanks for reading




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