Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thank you steve

*this post was written 2 days after steve passed keep the time frame in mind while reading*

Although a lot has been already written about him, I believe I still owe him a thank you. And hence this post

It was sometime around January 2007 that my dad gifted me a calendar which had famous personalities who made it big despite struggling so much in their life. It was some anniversary edition of some share market company still reeling from the aftereffects of economic recession. Each month had a person’s story along with the dates. Needless to say, I was going through one of the biggest challenges in my life. I had failed and felt I let down a lot of people and had lost hope.

The January cover had a picture of Steve jobs, more of a caricature kind holding a, now iconic half eaten apple. Followed by 4 lines of his life story which went something like this

‘Started apple, built Macintosh but was fired from apple and later called back in 2000 when apple was about to go bankrupt and turned the company around so much so that apple didn’t fire a single employee during recession ’

I was a fan of apple but didn’t know this much about Mr. Jobs (my internet usage was limited to orkut and gtalk then) so I was fascinated to say the least. I had 6 months ahead of me with absolutely nothing to do so I started reading and digging about jobs as much as I could. The more I read, the more i began to relate to him. He never shied away from his defeats, he still says that out loud “I failed but I learned from my mistakes”

I had screwed up with my life, friends and pretty much everything that you need to keep a sane mind beyond repair. Everyone I met saw me with pity in their eyes. It was rock bottom. Somehow all that story of jobs gave me hope. I felt compelled to try again

‘You are already naked, what else can you lose?’

Damage control mode began. I started interacting with fewer numbers of people. I changed my social circle completely, not because the older one was not good enough but because when some things don’t work out, it’s better to let it be. Set smaller goals and started working towards them. I wasn’t sure myself where I was going but this time I chose to trust my intuition. Things were not easy. I had to make amends, swallow my pride and had to prove everyone who thought I lost, wrong.

And when the result came, I felt good. First time in my life I worked hard to get something and it felt good to get it.

I owe all this to Steve jobs. Thank you dude for making me believe that superman has a MAN in him. All you have to do is give it a try.

Thank you steve, you will be missed

p.s. -- oh yes, this post was written on a macbook



  1. This is a special post...Perhaps God was guiding you through Steve...

  2. "i had failed" i wondered about that

  3. @alka...well like they say, sign's are everywhere, you just have to look harder
    @sujatha :)

  4. Teaching like these lift you up from your darkest and deepest holes! I began reading about him when he resigned from apple and was so taken by his attitude that the day he left behind a vacuum i was super shocked.
    I hope we can stay as hungry and as foolish as him!

  5. Those four lines indeed said a lot!!
    He is legendary...
    Great post!

  6. Steve'd be happy if he could read this :)

    Honest post, very well written, and I can completely understand when you talk about the failure aspect, and also the elation when good results arrive :)
    I'm voting :)

    If you could spare a few minutes, could you read a post of mine? And if you like it, give it a vote? I'd be most grateful, it'd make a big difference :)

  7. When are you updating? Whenever I come here to reply to comment or read latest post, I see Steve and the apple...

  8. @upasana....agree :) for me the stanford speech says it all
    @red...wonder when will i know your REAL name.anyhow thanks for reading :)
    @story teller..appreciate the comment.will read it out and comment.thanks for reading
    @chintan...on it already.will put it on saturday.thanks for the comment

  9. hey it was a great post... It happens to us, humans, that some soul becomes a tutor for us, happened with me as well.

    I read this book called "tuesdays with morrie" and I could only say that I want to be Morrie Schwartz. "It is okay... but it did happen.."




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