Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things men wish women knew

I would like to clarify I am NOT a MCP or anti-women or sexist or …………… (Fill in the blanks with your favorite gender differentiating word). Having said that, there are a lot of things about guys they wish women knew “if only they knew…. GOSH!” I tried to list some of them

here goes:

1. Women look THE best when they don’t use makeup: women apply all sorts of makeup the bits and pieces of which most of the men have no clue about, not that they intend to know. But the guy who said simplicity is the most attractive trait of a woman wasn’t joking at all

2. Men like to be silent sometimes; it doesn’t mean they are upset: it’s absolutely unimaginable for a woman to NOT speak when she s upset, they are built like that but same doesn’t necessarily apply to men. They like to keep silent when they have nothing worthwhile to talk (being with buddies is completely different) and if you keep poking them about their silence, well let’s not go there!

3. Specs look cute: a lot of women don’t like to wear specs for reason unknown to me but personally I LOOOOVE women in specs. I can’t help but smile. This may be my personal view but hell I have female readers (insert devilish grin and wink at appropriate places) so next time try and stick to that

4. Nothing beats a sari: Indian men are suckers for sari-clad women. On a second thought I am pretty sure that is the only reason boys go to that much trouble to wear kurta’s on ethnic days. On a very serious note, want to impress guy, try sari (remember miss chandni in main hun naa) it is difficult to carry agreed but the elegance it commands is unmatchable

5. BEER is the next best thing to have happened to guys after you: guys love their beer. It’s a #fact. Even we don’t know why we love it, no seriously. Most of us believe in god because of women AND beer exist in this world. Try not to argue with that.

6. We can’t see you during a (CRICKET) match: it’s really hard for women to understand why would someone be so excited about a match? Try not to apply logic, we don’t. But if you decide to bring up some conversation topic, all we can hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH …are you listening? ... BLAH BLAH BLAH. No matter how important that topic is, WE DON’T CARE

7. Batman whoops SRK: no matter how famous srk is, he just cannot come closer to batman. NO NEVER. There is a reason Hollywood spends so much in making those characters come alive and we feel obliged to witness the saga. There is a reason LOTR, Dark Knight, Spider-man, Super-man movies are blockbusters.

8. We forget things, a LOT: Ever wondered why Blackberry and other Smartphone’s are so popular with guys? It’s because it lets us store days, dates, anniversaries, meeting, appointments, timings... Well you get the picture. Guys forget a lot of things; it’s as simple as that. Not his fault. Guys are made like that

9. Shopping is GO, PICK, PAY, LEAVE: for guys shopping is a very simple 4- step process so they get irritated when asked repeatedly if this dress looks good on you or if you look fat in that. You are never going to get an opinion out of him. He’s probably busy checking out other females while you rush back and forth from the trial room. Ask a female friend of yours for the ‘brainstorming session’ next time

10. If you want it, you will have to SAY it: the reason he doesn’t understand is, you DIDN’T tell him what you want. And NO it’s not related to his low IQ. He will do it if only he knows what exactly is to be done. Keep it to the point and see the magic *wink*

do you agree?have something to add?


p.s. - i got branded as ANTI-FEMALE due to this post by a female colleague of mine.i would again like to say i LOOOVE women (notice the plural sense)


  1. watta post sirjee !! :) :) U cayght the right strings :) Way to go :)

  2. :) you didn't have to add a disclaimer in the beginning its a pretty decently narrated post :)

  3. best one is nothing beats saari ........jeans mein rakha kya hai :P

  4. i dont find anything anti-female here...quite interesting to know how guys think and act....funny more like..:D

  5. 5, 6 , 8 - tick tick tick ..applies cent percent to Sathya
    though this is a common topic in girlie mags, its always nice to read a 'real' person's views

  6. Every point is so Goddamn True! Why why why! Esp the'We cant see when the cricket match is goin on'! Arghh!...and the shopping thing applies to my Dad!
    Loved reading this.

  7. Dont worry, women will love you for this...they are aware of most of the things.

    But remember, when once in a blue moon when you are right we are not wrong either, we were only slightly less right.

  8. really nice write up....i liked it very much

  9. Yeah soo true!! IT gets IRRITATING when men answer in monosyllables because they don't have ANYTHING to say and they can talk and talk and talk with friends!!!! :P

    P.S I wear specs ;P just saying ;)

  10. No offence taken and am sure none meant as well! What makes you think women don't know these things about guys but you know what almost every woman is an eternal optimist, who will try,hope and pray that their guy does something different!! :-)

  11. LOL, I could not agree more:)
    And, could not find the anti-women piece anywhere in the post:(
    I thought you were trying to help women by telling all this, so you, in fact are helping them hehe

  12. hawww!! you haven't updated the blog yet?


  13. Hahaha this is good stuff. Nice one! Oh and I sometimes wear specs too. Just saying.. ;)

  14. @jignes: dhanyawaad padhne ka shukriya
    @chintan: thats so sweet of you,thanks
    @noddy: exactly my sentiments
    @priyanka: glad i could help
    @sujatha i just tried to defend guys ;)
    @red handed hehehehehe well men think alike.CHEERS to your dad

  15. @nitish:dhaynawaad
    @alka: oh i feel drowned by love already.hee hee hee.gender fights never end so lets not go there
    @gammo:dhanyawaad ;)
    @maithili specs wala point DULY NOTED *grin*
    @upasana...thanks for reading and yes optimism and indians go hand in hand
    @animesh: +1 finally.BROS BEFORE HOES #Truestory
    @darsh: *scribbles in the notepad and looks up* point duly noted.

  16. This is a nice post. More of a BUZZ for women who don't put much head into "why?". Nothing to disagree at all and ya how well presented.. :)

  17. When I showed this post to my husband, he nodded so much in agreement, that I thought he head would come off!!!

    'If you want it, you will have to SAY it', he has this painted all over his face always, to ensure he is never misunderstood!
    And he lovessss women(yes plural) with specs :-D

    Cool Points :-D

    1. i will take that as a compliment :) you are generous person. say 'hi 5' to your husBAND. thanks for reading

  18. It is very easy to sway towards extremes when writing a post like this. You, on the contrary have maintained a very fine balance peppered with an awesome sense of humour.
    I am happy to have found this blog.
    Keep Rocking!




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