Saturday, August 13, 2011

Aren’t we the most RACIST and HYPPOCRITE country in the world?

*post might not make sense at all, but just wanted to write it*

We were never a cosmopolitan country. We are always looking for reasons to debate on topics to prove ourselves superior to other people who look/dress/talk different from us.

The recent turn of events surrounding the movie “Aarakshan” has brought the elephant in the room in the limelight. First the supposedly-moral policing and now the imposed ban on the movie because it could ‘hurt sentiments’. I absolutely refuse to buy the logic. Isn’t that the job entrusted upon the censor board to check if some part or for that matter, the whole movie hurts sentiments or not? It’s a shame in the name of democracy that the director has to show the movie to certain group because 5-10 people pelting stones at a theatre is reason enough for the show to get cancelled.
Let’s delve into the past and sample some ‘moments’:

• Women in some pub were thrashed because they were caught drinking and that’s against Indian culture

• Couple molested in ________(add city name) in a _________(add place name) on Valentine’s day

• _________(add caste name) group of India has threatened to stop release of _______(add movie name) because it shows them in bad light

• Another Group belonging to __________ (add Caste) has gone on a stir (which always includes ransacking public property or better, stopping trains) if their demands are not met.

• ___________ community has demanded that they be recognized as SC/ST/OBC and be given _%(add a number) quota in Govt jobs(they can sue you in Indian penal court if you happen to call them YOU-KNOW-WHAT)

• A __________(add relative’s name) killed his ______(the relation of the FEMALE) to protect family honor

• The students of ___________(add a source state’s name) were beaten badly and weren’t allowed to write exams in _______________(add a destination state’s name)

• A __(add an age) year old FEMALE was subjected to ___________(add a hideous crime) in _______(add city name)

Also add other society/culture-FLAG-bearer’s who have their own list of DO’s/Don’ts mostly on how women should dress/eat/walk/breathe/sit to protect the INDIAN-Culture

Headlines look Familiar? Read any of them? I am sure every one of have read and seen it all.

- Some political party tells us that other people are coming and taking YOUR jobs and you start abusing the person.

- A teacher tells a student in his 1st class in his dept. that “WHY DO YOU PEOPLE COME HERE?”

- A person blames other person of theft just because he happens to carry the same cell phone he had and belongs to a certain place

Don’t we see these people playing the caste, region and language card at every chance they see? are we really THAT dumb?

If you don’t like the image in the mirror, why blame the mirror?

Isn’t it high time we stop pretending to be cosmopolitan? The people who play the caste card regularly to promote their brand of politics are the same people who are justifying the ban on the movie citing reasons that it can provoke communal violence.

Mahatma Gandhi says in the movie ‘GANDHI’

“for the independence we must prove ourselves worthy of it”

ask yourselves, do we deserve being called a independent and CIVILIZED society?

have similar thoughts? do share?



  1. So true...we are hypocrites and pawns in powerful hands.

  2. Agree totally.. _____ wants reservation because he belongs to _____ caste but when you call _____ person by the name of his _____ caste he will feel you are discriminating!! such hypocrites!
    All talks of integrity are a farce. Seat 5 people from 5 different states and the one thing that is at the back of each ones mind is "I m superior to the persons around me".
    We are nowhere close to what is required for a nation to be independent and come to think of it we are past 64 years of so called independence..

  3. agreed on a lot of your points, we do have a tendency to call the kettle black.

  4. all the incidents u mentioned were such dark days in the life of so-called modern India. sad.

    (oh, liked ur fill in the blanks technique...)

  5. can't say about 'most'...but racism and hypocrisy is quire dominant in India...great post...


  6. India is a land where people want to belong to a particular caste to get reservation but are offended when called in the light of that caste.
    It is here where a man teaching his son a lesson of moral science and blaming the ministers for smuggling Indian money to foreign banks takes bribes every day to sign a common man's file.

    You are so right, we live in a land of hypocrisy... but my point is... we all need to introspect.. are we all not doing the same in some form or the other?
    We need to mature as a society.. but for that we need to mature as individuals.

  7. @alka..precisely my point...weird but true..thanks for reading
    @maithili..yes and untill we change the mindset of ppl there is no point blaming the govt for everything.they arent aliens,they come from within the society
    @twesh..thanks for reading
    @sujatha..i m not sure "WERE" is the right tense here..thanks for reading and liking
    @sub..mindset of people wont change in a day, thanks for reading
    @jojo...precisely what i am stressing upon, govt is made of individuals which come from within the society.we want things to be IDEAL but with conditions which suit us

  8. hmm! we have people doing moral policing round the the way, you should have mentioned proper details there is no censor board on blogosphere!

  9. You are tagged here!!




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