Wednesday, January 26, 2011

vigilante(rang de basanti act)

ok dis is my first try at bloggin..i ll jus go wid wat i read normally..
so dis is in responce to act by a guy named utsavv sharma... allegedly described by media as "mentally disoriented"
according to me his thinkin is way balanced an gr8 dan many of us LITERATE ppl..
he rose against wat he thot was wrong..
how is it that we read magazines...comic books an praise d guy who breaks d law but keeps d bad guys at bay..(lot of imaginatory superheroes can be cited as examples)...but wen it happens in real life every1 starts questionin his mental ability.i still remember what uproar rang de basanti cozed wen it was released among the ppl.ordinary ppl r jus too much occupied by dere day to day worries to think about nethin other than dere basic needs and dere BARELY 8hours of sleep.
so here s a NORMAL INDIAN CITIZEN on india's 62nd REPUBLIC day wishin that someday ppl will react albeit not in such violent manner but in some way to d corruption or to lazy political beauracracy,amen!

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