Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lab, rock on and urvashi: college days

I am in Gurgaon for a pretty long time now and haven’t faced dearth of ticket for a movie like back in was almost impossible to get a ticket on weekends in multiplexes,not that we could afford it, but still single screen theatres were the way to go. so when I faced a SOLD-OUT for kung fu panda 2 and had to wait for almost 3 hours for the next show,it triggered a lot of memories.


When I was doing my engineering, I hated labs because of the paperwork involved. I couldn’t figure out a lot of things and was unable to write the legendary LAB RECORD which eventually decides how serious you are about that subject. Don’t bother conducting 1 cares a damn, just record it properly or else be prepared for the eternal question. Frankly speaking, if it weren’t for a helping friend, I wouldn’t have passed most of my engineering labs.

This happened when I was supposed to go for 1 of my labs in the afternoon from 2-5.since I had already bunked 3 labs which is considered threshold of attendance my teacher had given me stern warning that she would personally make sure I am present. She found me near the lift and asked me to accompany her till the lab on 7th floor.

Madam: good I found you, don’t miss labs. You already have missed 3.

Me: crap! Yes sure, madam. Whatever you say.

Madam: I am going to collect something from staff room you begin with the lab

*my phone rings*

on the other side: Abe “rock on” lagi hai, chal raha hai?(rock on released today.coming?)

me: Abe lab hai yaar,isne pakad rakha hai(dude I am stuck, she found me near lift)

Other side: abe bhaag ja naa,bol diyo loose mostions ho gaye the,sabse safe hai(run away, tell her you got loose motions, it’s the safest)

I decided to run. This time no risk. STAIRS. before I could know it I was exhausted and struggling for catching the breath after running down 7 floors

In no time I was standing at college gate and my friends were there waiting

Friend1: abe kitni der laga di,3 autos nikal gaye.ticket nahin mili to dekhiyo fir(dude where were you,3 autos passed,if we don’t get the tickets,u are GAAN)

Friend2:abe auto rok(stop the auto) bhaiya urvashi chaloge?(urvashi theatre?)

We were on our way!

Back then Fridays were movie days and reviews said this was supposed to be a great movie.and we never argued about the venue. It HAD to be URVASHI. for those who haven’t been to the theatre, its like your small town single screen theatre where you could whistle and shout like crazy. Only this one had better seats, nice ambience. No other theatre comes close and when you are studying, a movie in 80 rupees is more than enough.

We got the tickets and placed ourselves in our seats. Movie began and we were shouting like crazy in whole much so that we could hardly talk after was perfectly normal. That’s what we loved the theatre for.

We returned back to our regular tea spot, sipping tea and discussing about the songs and the performances in the movie and went back to respective places


*Cut to 2010 November 5th DIWALI*

I was out of college, working and went to Bangalore to meet some friends and we happened to meet at the same tea shop

Friend1:abe kaun si muvi lagi hai?(which muvi released dude?)

Me: golmaal 3 lagi hai, chalen?(golmaal 3,shall we go?)

Friend2: *stopped the auto* bhaiya urvashi chaloge?(urvashi theatre?)

I finished watching the movie and like all the animation movies I LOVED it. But I missed the whistling and shouting I would/could have done. People really don’t mind that but here people love playing the straight-faced, status-belting creature. Hate being the silent guy in movies.

do you like screaming,whistling,shouting in movies?



  1. I realized i was smiling all the way when i read this.. good one!!!

  2. Whenever, in our coming lives we will recall our fond memories of the college days, it would be incomplete without the mention of Urvashi & Ramesh Shop.

    A blog dedicated to Ramesh shop and food street would be highly appreciated, in case you haven't done it yet.

  3. movies during college times are the besssht!! We have this small cinemax near college where we visit during weekdays (bunking and the likes!) and yeah no fun without screaming, shouting! ;)

  4. @suma: i will take that as a compliment.glad i could make some1 smile :)
    @sushant...bas ramesh shop ke baare mein kuch likha jayega.
    @maithilli...agree and i miss that screaming shouting so much :(

  5. Ummm screaming and shouting is good but to some extent.. I remember OM SHANTI OM releasing and some guys standing up on their seats and removing thr shirts and dancing :O

  6. Nice one, remember bunking classes and labs for movies..Rock On was one of them..Brought back some memories..

  7. @red handed...hehehe even we were shouting and yeling in the muvi.which theatre u saw it?
    @perception...hehehhehe same pinch..thanks for reading




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